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it really blows…

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

…and it blows like hell! Really? Did I jinx the weather by sticking that cycling ticker up in the side bar? Oh you know I did.
I went cycling anyways, so there effin wind, take that! I went out just at the edge of darkness. Why not make it all the more miserable and add a cold evening chill to that wind. I’m sure I burned bonus calories for catching a damned chill after sweating like hell fighting against the wind to get home. What a burn. I only rode 6 miles and I swear it felt more like 15.
Isn’t it odd that I can cycle as if I never had an injury, but try and put one foot in front of the other and I have a big numb noodle leg? Yup, I’m an oddball. Just need to get the paperwork stamped. 😉

I did a mile of intervals again today and I advanced myself up to intervals of 1/4 mile. I did them at a mellow pace and was very careful. If I so much as imagined I had felt a twinge in my bum leg I would had stopped right away. I was impressed that I did so good and that I’m adapting to the strange numbing sensation that appears in that hamstring as I run. It didn’t seem as severe today, so I’m encouraged by that. I’m frigging surprised that I ran two days in a row with no complications. Oh happy me!

No running tomorrow. I’m going to do a few cross fit wod’s. Not sure which ones yet, but they aren’t going to tickle!