good-bye…i cry

Yesterday was a bad, horribly bad and beyond sad day for me. A trip to the vet. I’m going to have a heavy heart for a long time. Mr. Kitty is gone. No loud purrs from the other side of the bed last night. No breakfast with Mr. Kitty this morning.  I had him, actually it was he who had me, for a long time. So, it hurts, and it’s lonely. One handsome boy who charmed the pants off of those lucky enough to have met him. Always love at first sight.
Today I’m going to work-out and cry.

He charmed us all. xoxo big strong kitty!

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  1. savemykissesx Says:

    I am so so sorry to hear of your loss, it’s never easy losing someone you care about. These animals become our families, our children. I know I can count on my cats and my dogs whenever I need them.

    This kitty is one handsome kitty, and I am sadden by your loss and wish you the best, please keep your chin up. ^.^ He would be happier knowing you’re okay.

    I haven’t ever personally lost one of my cats or dogs just yet, but I know I will be devastated, as well.. and kudos to you for still being able to work out !!

  2. Ann Says:

    So sorry – I know how you feel. Dog or Cat they become a member of the family. My thoughts are with you. Just know it does get easier and you will think of Mr Kitty often. We still have a picture of our lab who died several years ago on the fridge – good old TATER – I called him my big poop walker (he walked around and pooped – don’t think he knew he was doing it towards the end). I could only imagine his amazement as he walked out in the yard to poop cuz he had to go and when he got to where he wanted to go he did not have to go…..little did he know he was going all the way out there. I miss him. Be strong. Work out then cry today – no one will mind.

  3. Jazz Says:

    Thanks you guys, that helps ya know. I have no appetite and that’s fine cause I am taking my good time to grieve I have been drinking coffee and wandering about the house and yard crying off and on. Hard to believe they leave such a huge empty hole behind in your heart. This is a poop day.

  4. Ann Says:

    We had a cat when I was growing up that we called her Tinsel Shit at Christmas time – she always ate the tinsel off the tree and would be walking around all the time with a piece of tinsel hanging out of her butt….Here come Tinsel comes Tinsel Shit right down Tinsel shit lane…..

    yep my family used to sing that. Silver tinsel followed her everywhere.

    Hope that gave you a laugh too….

  5. Jazz Says:

    That’s the funniest damned thing ever! Tinsel shit! Oh mah gawd!!! Can’t not burst into singing that one!
    I think our families share the same sense of humor! 🙂

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