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Easy does it!

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

I had almost forgotten that it hasn’t been much over a month since my hamstring tear and yesterday it gave me gentle painful hints that I am doing too much too soon.

I’ve slowly built up from a crippled walk, to some jogging, with some running tossed in and I’ve been carefully adding to the distance and diligent about taking a 1 to 2 days break in between any running, until yesterday when apparently I became mildly excited, which is a mild understatement, and hopped straight on the treadmill and jog/ran 1 mile AFTER the mile I did the day before! A couple of times I felt a few tiny small pains and reduced speed, and then like a damned fool sped up again instead of stopping.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!!!!!!!!! God almighty!

And of course I didn’t stop there like a normal person would. I carried on to do a cross-fit workout. x2 rounds @ 30 reps each of wall balls, deadlifts, OH press, push-ups, weighted front squats, jumprope, and boxjumps.
There were 3 rounds and I quit after 2 rounds. I smartened up by then becauseĀ  my leg wasn’t hinting anymore. It was swearing at me. At least in the 2nd round I modified a few things. No box jumps and NOOOOO Squats!
I’m mad at myself because I know if I tear, or even strain anything before it is thoroughly healed, I risk permanent injury to my hamstring.

I am not a super hero. I am not invincible. I do not have amazing healing powers. I am a human being. Wise the hell up!

I did wise the hell up and finished my workout with what didn’t stress my leg. I alternated x50 sit-ups and x15 assisted pull-ups for a total of 175 sit-ups and 55 pull-ups with the leftovers! WOW! Better burn than the mile run and the squats and boxjumps.

I don’t know why I’m bothering with squats anyways. I’ve read in running articles and sports injury info that the quads are normally overdeveloped compared to hamstrings and this is why runners have hamstring issues. Underdeveloped hamstrings. If you are running and feel tightening in your hamstrings, stop and stretch out your quads & hip flexors…NOT the hamstrings! I never knew this!

Soooo a few days rest from running and then I am following a mileage building schedule that I downloaded for runners who are recovering from serious hamstring injuries. My injury, so ya know, was from a skating fall. Keep on running! šŸ™‚

Guess I have a few days now to concentrate on my dumbbells, and my push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and any other “ups” that I can think of to torture myself with!