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Jazz vs Scales

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Down 1.8 pounds. I won this round. Week #1 is dead and done!Happy with this past weeks progress. I tried some light jogging on the treadmill to see how well I have been mending up. I’m pleased that, while the leg feels shaky and as if it could just fold up under me if I let my guard down, good news is that I’m able to do a very, v-e-r-y controlled sort of short gated jog at 3.5 mph and that’s to a max of 1/4 mile distances per session. I split those 1/4 mile distances up with intervals of sit-ups, squats and modified pull-ups.
Didn’t push the double daily work-out thing as I had intended. Going to do the “caution” thing so I do not have to deal with set backs that are my own fault.

Winter is on it’s way out and I am looking forward to getting into outside activities. I’m thinking of getting “himself” to help me fix up an outdoor type of area like they use this season on the Biggest Loser for Crossfit workouts which I am really excited to get into! They are short intense work-outs that pack a punch and give amazing results if you keep doing them faithfully.Highly addictive!