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1 More Day… (possible TMI for boys) May 30, 2013

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Tomorrow is the kids last day of school, and I am SO happy!  I can’t not wait to enjoy the weekend, go in for a couple meetings and lunch on Monday, and then I am done!

Yesterday, I took a class called “barre burn”, but it should have been called “booty burn”!  I really liked it, and I think once the skin is off, I will be even better.  This was the first time I REALLY noticed my balance and center of gravity is off!

Today, I had my last doctor’s appointment before my surgery, and it went really well.  Everything is in line for my surgery.  I do have a minor “set back” of a bladder infection, but I start antibiotics in the morning for 5 days, and then 1 day of my surgery antibiotics, then surgery!  I was also able to get off my birth control pill for the “longer lasting” IUD!  This makes me happy for multiple reasons.  Although I do NOT have the clotting mutations my mom has, I am concerned about blood clots due to an 8 hour surgery and limited movement for a while after.  The pill increases that, and the IUD is actually recommended for people with clotting issues.  Plus instead of $40/month, it is $3/month!  The device was covered by my insurance, but I had to find an OB/GYN, because my doctor won’t do them, due to me not having a child already.  She says it is unbearably painful and would never wish that upon anyone.  The doctor (a male, and no, it was not weird) said that GP’s in general seem to have an issue with this, but he does them all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, it sucked, but about 2 minutes, several “ow,ow, ow”‘s, and a 5 second bite to the hand, it was done.  Totally NOT fun, but not what I was thinking it would be.  He also said if at a later time, I want to get “more permanent” birth control, he is willing to do so, as long as he has a conversation with me before, and he is confident it is what is best for me.  This makes me very happy, as I am NOT interested in children, other than teaching them, and have always felt that way.

Tomorrow is last day bologna, and maybe a yoga class or something in the afternoon.

Saturday is my last belly dancing class until I get cleared after surgery.  I am also planning on taking “Aqua Zumba” just for fun.

Sunday is shopping/cooking for the week.

Monday is meetings, turn in belongs, possibly move rooms, lunchon, go home!

Tuesday is the final cleaning of the apartment.

Wednesday, I pick my mom and Jay (step-dad) up from the airport, and go for a run with them in the Texas heat! 🙂 *evil laugh*  We will be spending the night in a hotel near the surgery center so we do not have to worry about being delayed, car problems, etc.

Thursday, I have to be at the surgery center at 5:30 am, surgery is scheduled to start at 7:30 am.  I will be out around 4:00 pm.  I have to spend the night, and will get to go home Friday afternoon.

Well, off to relax for the night, and continue my countdown!  6 days, 13 hours to go!


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