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Do the bad weeks ever end??? May 25, 2013

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Why, yes!  Yes they will!  As a matter of fact, I have 4 days left with the kids, and then 1 half day, and I’m done!

But, I got great news from the surgeon yesterday at my pre-op appointment!  I am done losing!  I am in maintenance until I heal from surgery, then I can evaluate where I am at, and if I need to change anything.

The funny part is every time I type this, I want to type “re-evaluate”.  There is no “re” here!  This has never been done before.  This is new territory people!  I am walking blindly through this, hoping I get it right.  And the best part about it is that even with my perfectionist surgeon, I am DONE!

Now maintenance.  I have (hopefully) learned that maintenance is just losing, a TINY bit relaxed.  It is NOT go back to my old eating habits.  That is the diet of someone who wants to basically eat themself to death.  I want to live, have fun, eat, but also run, jump, and be happy and confident!  So I will learn what I can and cannot do, and run with it!

Now off to have lunch with friends I have not seen in several weeks to celebrate.  ALL things in moderation (Including the yummy desserts!)!

11 days, 15 hours to go!


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