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Day 2:

Today marks 6 months till my wedding. Yeah!

Any who, I did great yesterday. When I got home I cooked some yummy lettuce wraps (I will put the recipe below) and they were so good. I didn’t realize how much 8oz really was (16oz makes a pound, so 8oz is ½ a pound). So satisfying. My family is full of chubbiness, so for the most part (like I did before) they didn’t even want to taste it. The only other person to try the wraps with me was my mom, and she loved it! My fiancé is one of those horrible men that can eat forever and not gain a pound, and he now sees that I’m serious about this diet and sticking to it so he said he will be supportive. We shall see. Its not that he is against me losing weight he just says that I’m beautiful already and he loves me the way I am. He is very sweet to say that but when I KNOW I can be better then I am. Why not give it my all and try. I am kind of worried about the weekend. I don’t want to lock myself up and home to avoid all contact with people and food but maybe I should at least this weekend. I did start that 30 day squat challenge yesterday. If I’m not mistaken they said I shouldn’t exercise to the point of sweating the first month so it works out. If you haven’t seen the 30 day squat challenge there is two different kinds, one where you do 100 squats everyday and another where you do 50 squats the first day, 55 squats the next, and 60 squats after that and so on. I decided to do the 50 squats and go up in increments of 5 every day. By the way, you do feel it. I picked that one cause of my right knee, it’s kind of shaky and I really didn’t want to hurt it. So, I will not only be blogging about my Ideal Protein diet but my 30 day squat challenge too. My fiancé and I try our best to stay off the web on the weekend so I might not be back till Monday. But have a great weekend, stay safe, do some squats, it doesn’t hurt anyways, and if you are on Ideal protein like me… DON’T CHEAT!


Yummy Wraps.

Makes 2 servings

20min to make

6 to 8 big leafs of lettuce

1lb ground turkey

2 bell peppers cut into strips

4 regular mushrooms chopped up

4 green onions chopped up

As needed: sea salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash seasoning, Tabasco sauce, hot mustard and I little extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

In a pan (medium heat) put your bell pepper first to cook; if you want you can add a little EVOO and Mrs. Dash.

After a few minutes add the mushrooms and green onions in and toss around in the pan; put in some pepper if you like (I did).

When they are almost done cooking take them out and put them on the side (you will throw them back in when the turkey is done).

Now put the ground turkey in the pan and turn it often, break it apart into small pieces and add some Mrs. Dash, pepper, sea salt and Tabasco sauce.

When it’s fully cooked toss the veggies back in, mix it around , put on low heat and cover.

In a small bowl put a little EVOO , hot mustard, pepper and mix it. this is to drizzle or dip your lettuce wrap.

Stuff the lettuce and drizzle the sauce over it.

And you’re done!


Bye dolls

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Day 1:

April 4, 2013

Ok guys, I’m not a big blogger but I think this will help me stay honest and on track. First things first -my ‘I Do’ diet days- can only mean one thing. IM GETTING MARRIED. October 5th to be exact. 6 months and 1 day away. It’s going to fly by. Any who, yesterday I went to my first consultation for the IDEAL PROTEIN diet and got a slap in the face finding out that I am 105 lbs over my ideal weight. Talk about a kick in the stomach. By the time I walked out I learned not to focus on that, but just focus on my first weigh-in. An maybe I shouldn’t have stopped at Starbucks or gone to Chili’s last night and gotten a boneless buffalo chicken salad(yum!), but whatever the lady said I started my diet today.  AND I AM STARTING TODAY. Plus I’m pretty sure the entire world does that before they start a diet. Ok, so I am determined to wear this bridal gown that I fell in love with and at this moment with the big ass I have, it’s not going to happen but give me some time. When I went into the ideal protein website it had a lot of testimonials. One lady had lost 48 lbs in 3 1/2 months. I’m so inspired. I printed out her before and after picture to put up at work and at home. Maybe I should print out the wedding dress too and put it right next to it. Double inspiration. Ok now I’m going to put one of those thingies on the bottom that I see on other people’s blogs.

Ooo… on a side note I saw the 30 day squat challenge I so want to do that now. Let you know tomorrow if I do.

Take care dolls.


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