5/9/13 Oh my sweet taper

I have been living the dream of taper and no long runs – actually no runs much at all.  Life has brought me other things to work on at the moment.  For sure I will be rested for the big day on Saturday.  You can all think of me Saturday morning at I thinnk 8:20 as I line up in the back of the VERY LARGE pack…..

I will be bringing up the rear – you know the sad looking person just in front of the police car.  It can be very intimidating to look behind you and see no other runners….only a police car or an ambulance.  Almost like they are waiting for you to give  up. Two years ago I looked behind me and saw the police car – I eventually started to pass people but it still bothered me.  I am sure I will see them again this year.

I will be proud of myself no mater my finish time – cuz I will finish in time for my cupcake and massage!  You can count on it!

5/6/13 Taper Time

A friend sent me this…..she got if since she is part of a training group who just started their taper this week.  Her first big race is coming up the end of May.  She thought of me when she got the Monday Motivator…..I literally laughed outloud when I read this.  I have done everything – wait a minute….I gotta go check the weather again.


This is my favorite time of the training season – the Taper.  So, I’ll recycle one of my favorite Monday Motivators, because  it usually applies if this is your first taper or your thirtieth. 

 Taper, Sweet Taper

 For many folks last weekend you did your longest run as you prepare for Bayshore.  And then it’s taper time!  Time to take a break from the long runs and let your body recover from the last few months of increasing mileage.   There really is a science to the taper.  And yes, it does work.  As long as you can survive it!

It’s when your body says “Thank goodness we’re done with that crazy stuff and we can get back to reality.”     

 It’s also when you start obsessing.  Obsessing about what you ask?  Everything.   

 First it starts out with all the little aches and pains that suddenly show up.  

Then moves to the first run/walk into the taper which is usually awful.  

Two or three miles is torture.  

You wonder what the heck?  I just finished my long run/walk and I can’t do a measly little three miles?  How in the world am I going to accomplish my goal when I can’t even do a 5K?  Don’t worry the next time out will be much better.

 Then you start obsessing about getting hurt.  

Nope.  Can’t ride my bike.  Might crash.  

Nope.  Can’t bungy jump – I’m not that stupid.  

Walk around the block?  Sure, watching every nook and cranny to avoid a trip and fall. 

 Ten days out, your focus moves to the weather.  It’d probably be earlier, but those darn weather forecasters won’t make their guesses any earlier.  Once you’ve got the weather bookmarked,  you check it every couple hours.  Just in case it might change – ten days from now.

 By now your family and co-workers are ready to strangle you.  You’ve got tons of extra energy since you haven’t been running/walking those long miles.  They claim you are like the Energizer Bunny who drank waaaay too much caffeine.  

You’re fidgety.  

You can’t focus.  

You’re functioning in hyper-drive. 

It’s impossible to think about anything other than your event.  

The good news is, you have lots of energy to accomplish all those household chores you’ve put off for the last three months. 

 Then, as the days draw nearer, you start the planning.  You know every word on the event web site.  You start to make lists of what to wear.  Where to park.  What to bring.  What to eat.  You check the weather again.  You check your registration again.   You put your clothes in piles.  Check the batteries in the watch/Garmin.  Check the weather again.  Hmmm…is my knee hurting?

 You begin to have self-doubts. 

How are you really going to do this?  

What was I thinking? 

How could I be so silly to agree to do this?  

I paid money for this? 

 Then the ‘I shoulda’s’ start.  

I should’a done speedwork.  

I should’a done more miles.  Less miles.  Core exercises.  You wonder more and more about your ability to complete your race. 

 You check the weather again.  

 You wonder about that weird pain in your foot.  And you still have days to go. 

 You have nightmares and day dreams.  Your event encompasses all your thoughts.  

 Normal?  You bet!  It’s all part of the taper.  

Sit back and relax.  

You’ll be golden come race day.  In the meantime.  Enjoy the sweet, well-deserved taper! 

5/6/13 25K Course

Thank you 5/3 Riverbank Run!!!!


Thanks to flood waters receding, and an on-going partnership with the cities of Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville and Walker (who will all have crews working to clear the 25K course of debris during Race Week), the Fifth Third River Bank Run Race Committee has announced that the traditional 25K course will be used on Saturday, May 11!

Who puts an F’n hill at the end of a 15.5 mile race?  If I recall from 2 years ago it’s a steady incline for the last mile.  I will take this course over the proposed flood course that supposedly had “HILLS THAT WOULD CHALLENGE EVEN THE MOST SEASONED RUNNER”. So very happy about the news today! 

Have a great day!

Race Day Shirt

Here is the shirt I had made for race day – I can’t wait to wear it!  I love it…..

5/5/13 Running Saboteur – that’s ME!

I seem to be my own worst enemy with regards to my running – I train so hard and so long and the last two weeks I cant even get myself to run 5 miles.  That’s all I had to do yesterday – 5 little miles.  Whats the big deal?  It’s not like it’s 7, 8, 10, 12 or 15 miles…..just 5 little miles.  Just over an hour of my time.  Go out side it’s beautiful and run or hop on the treadmill and watch some TV.  Whats so hard about that?  Well yesterday it was like asking me to run a marathon.  I lasted only 1 mile and that seemed like it took FOREVER.

This morning I woke up alone – hubby gone fishing and son at a friends house.  I sat around and had my coffee and FORCED myself to put my running stuff on and decided to drive into town and go to the gym.  Hopped on the spin bike and got 20 miles done in 45 minutes- sweat was dripping all over the place.  After that work out I decided to go for a short 2-3 mile run tonight after dinner too.  I need to run every day this week – just short runs – nothing too hard just enough to get my blood pumping for 30 minutes or so.  We are suppose to enjoy our taper weeks – not fall in love with them and want to marry them.

They need to add the word SEVERE on to this image and it would be perfect!  Maybe self loathing and pity party for one!  Oh yes…must not forget that!

I still have a somewhat positive outlook on my up coming race.  I am not worried about doing it – I know I will do it and I will finish.  I am excited and will admit I will be using the (as JAZZ said) THE POWER OF THE CUPCAKE.  Never….EVER underestimate the power of a cupcake!

5/3/2013 Much better today

My morning is so much better then yesterday!  I got to sleep in because some mean sprited co-worker (you know who you are since you read my blog) scheduled a meeting from 3:00-5:00 today on a FRIDAY.   Who does that anyway?  3-5 on a friday!  I slept in since I usually leave work at 4:00 I decided to take an extra hour this morning and get my much needed beauty sleep.  God knows I can use it. 

Spin class was not so productive for me  – I had that negative voice on my shoulder again.  I was tired when I went into class so I did not put my best pedal forward.  I still got my sweat on – I love the instructor.  Even when I was struggling she found a way to make me smile.  It’s nice to laugh during a work out class.

Rest day today – after work is baseball scrimmage that I hope happens.  Weatherman might have a say in if it happens or not.  Time will tell. 

Have a great Friday everyone!

5/2/13 9 More Sleeps……

Only 9 more sleeps before my big race!  As my previous post stated I will only make positive happy comments regarding the upcoming 15.5 mile race.  I did NOT however sign up to speak postive and happy comments regarding my everyday life! 

If I could crawl back into bed right now I would……..Woke up with a headache, walked out into the living room in the dark to start the coffee and let the dog out and stepped in cat puke, sweated my ass off while blow drying my hair (must have been 85 degrees in that bathroom), searched for 10 minutes to find matching socks only to find a hole in one when I put them on, searched another 5 minutes and said fuck it and put on the pair I wore yesterday (I know ewwwww), packed my lunch and needed a little container for my dressing (mind you I have 12 of the little 4T containers) and could not find anything with a matching lid, left my coffee mug at work so I grabbed another favorite of mine and could not find the lid, walked out the door and got in the car and started to back out and remembered my gym bag on the floor by the door. 

Yep that was the start to my morning – F word was flowing freely.  I am at work now and settled down but am waiting for the day to continue down this path – but praying it does not.

I just ordered cupcakes from a friend who makes cakes – I asked her to have her hubby drop them off at the hotel next Friday – nothing like a good suger rush before a big race.  I can’t wait to try her cupcakes. She posts on FB all the time that she has extras for sale – She lives over an hour away so I can never take advantage of those “sales” which is probably a good thing.  This will be a special treat for race weekend – along with the 90 minute massage.  That will be repeated over and over again in my head……”the sooner  you get to the finish line the sooner you can have a cupcake AND a massage” or maybe ” cupcake, massage, cupcake, massage”  That just might work. 

The perfect combination for motivation!

Race Day will be AWESOME….well at least I can count on the cupcakes and massage to help if the race is not great 🙂


5/1/13 ACTION

I flipped my calendar this morning and I really like the motivational quote for May


I will NOT let all the negative thoughts and actions recently on my part hinder me from accomplishing what I set out to complete.  Last August I was so anxious to get the all clear from the surgeon to go ahead and start running again.  I finally got it and was so happy and started running – Maybe I should call it jogging since I really don’t go at the speed you might call RUNING.  I do however classify myself as a “Runner” – a slow one but still a Runner! 

Once I started I could not wait to get up there in miles – It’s really true what they say about a runners high.  The endorphines are CRAZY and it can be so rewarding each time you go just a little further than you did the last time.  Mile stones are reached and you set new ones and carry on.  There are times running is not fun – we all have those days when our negative voice screams the loudest, when life, family and just plain living get in the way.  What we do with those obstacles determines our success.  Set backs will happen – accept them and carry on!

Race day is fast approaching and I will speak NO MORE negative talk about the race.  When somone asks me about the race I will speak with enthusiasm and excitment – instead of worry and dread.  Race will be completed (before or after the set race time…who cares!).  I know my BFF will be waiting for me at the finish line – and if for some reason she can’t go I know she will be there in spirit.  I will cross the finish physcially alone but in my head I will hear the roar of the crowd and all my friends and family who have supported me through out my journey back to running. 

Wow – getting deep in here or is it just me

Have a great day!

4/29/13 Not What I Want to Post

Today’s post/report is not what I wanted to post but I will because I am being honest here.  Saturday’s “last long run” before the big race was more like “Saturdays short run” – the weather was perfect and I was ready.  My son wanted to be dropped off at the high school baseball field – cousin was playing a double header.   I dropped him off there and left my car in the parking lot and set off to do the loop for 2-3 hours.  I did two loops and could not stand it anymore.  I went back to the car and got my fruit and more water and walked over to watch some baseball.  My heart is just not in it anymore.  I can’t wait for the race to be over with so I can do something different for a while.

If I had to guess why my heart is not in it anymore is I am gaining weight and anxious to start those diet pills and the new diet back up.  I think I would enjoy it more if I was not carrying around this spare tire and muffin top!

I did go to the Susan G Komen Mid-Michgan 5K on Sunday and when all the others on the team wanted to go home before the race because it was raining a friend and I decided we would stay and walk it.  We walked it and since she is like a momma giraff and I am more like baby giraff I almost  had to jog to keep up with her.  She had to slow down for me.

The fast walk really made me work and my legs got tired.  I wish I had her speed at walking but she did say she does 2 miles and is done.  I can keep going and going and going

Well the plan is to run into baseball practice (7 miles).  I will leave about an hour before practice and arrive while they are practicing and hitch a ride home with hubby and the boy.  Temps today are mid 60’s – nice!

Have a great Monday everyone!

4/26/13 Spin Class

Thursday is spin class night and I usually have boot camp class on Wednesday night so most of the time I struggle through spin class.  Since boot camp class changed nights I can’t do it now on Wednesdays so I went into spin class last night with fresh legs.  Holy crap was that a great class.  I was able to do it all and felt GREAT!  After class I jumped on a treadmill and got a mile done at a run the whole way and then mile 2 was done doing 1 minute sprints – I was huffing and puffing but I got it done (24 minutes – pretty good pace for chunky me after a 20 mile spin class)

Resting tonight and still in debate with myself over the distance I plan to run on Saturday.  It’s going to be my last official long run before my race.  The next two weeks is my taper down and I don’t plan to run more than a distance of 5-6 miles every other day.  Question I am asking myself is do I run this long run in town with all the hills or an out and back on the country roads with some hills but not as big or as many as town offers. 

The new alternate course for the Riverbank 25K is on the hilly side of the river – flooding is pretty bad there so start/finish stay the same but we go kind of an out and back in some parts of it.  Might be a nice motivator to have people running back in the other lane – or not.  One of the comments from a professional runner on the Riverbank site was something along the lines of “much hillier course and will had a challenge to even the most experienced runner” – what about me….the chunky girl who likes flat courses and is worried about finishing on time.  If you ask me they should extend the allotted race time to allow for a little slower pace on the hills. 

Who cares – change in course will not change the fact I will do this and I WILL FINISH THE RACE!  I guess my run on Saturday will be the loop around town up and down those big hills that will kick my ass.  Ass kickin is a good thing during a work out. 

Today is rest day and tomorrow is my last long run – Sunday I am doing the Susan G Komen 5K (going to walk it with the team – if my feet don’t hurt too bad)

Weather is turning nice now – FINALLY!  Winter just keeps hanging on!  Get out and enjoy the weather if it’s nice in your areas.

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