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9/3/13 Herbal Life

I appear to be going in a “whole new direction” yet again.  I gained all my weight back from what I lost with the New Direction shakes at the hospital and have been struggling to find a diet plan that will work for me.  Low carb, low fat, low calorie, shakes, points, bars etc….how do you know if it will work for you? 

A friend has been using Herbal Life shakes for two meals a day and a sensible dinner.  I know I can live on shakes/meal replacements and I know it sure makes packing my breakfast and lunch super easy when all I have to pack is shake powder so I figured why not try it again.  I did it before but did not take the supplements that went along with it.  My friend gave me enough supplements and powder to get me through the holiday weekend until my order arrives (I hope today).  I actaully lost weight over a holiday weekend.  I know its mostly if not all water but it feels good to see the scales going down again.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday on two shakes a day with a sensible dinner and a few snacks I was not suppose to have and I feel great.  I did not run at all this weekend so a good test of my engery level will be during and after my run tonight.  Pretty costly to do anything like this but it is much cheaper than the shakes from the hospital and my son can have one for breakfast every morning.  Maybe my grocery bill will go down too.

School started today – very exciting for my 12 year old son.  I am happy I won’t get the dozen phone calls during the day telling me he is bored. 

I have a race coming up on Saturday – 5K with my group from work.  Should be interesting – I am going to try and run the whole thing.  Not sure how that will work out but I have something pushing me – the start of the parade.  If I don’t finish in 40 minutes or less I will run into the parade and I don’t want to do that!  I could be struck by a Shriner in a little mini car……Somone is going to get hurt and I am guessing it will be the Shriner!

I am back – feeling good and ready to start blogging everyday again.