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7/10/2013 C25K Training

I am leading a C25K group at my work – I was hoping to get a few members and ended up with 53 people who signed up and who look to me for support and direction.  Some of those 53 members I have not heard from at all and are training on their own (at least I assume they are training) and others are showing up weekly for the training sessions.  It makes me feel good to know I am helping others realize they can do something they never thougth they could do.   They just need to believe they can do it!

It’s been fun – we have 8 more weeks before race day.  I have a friend who asked me to do a Color Me Rad race with her in October so I have another C25K training going on too.  I told her I would help her too if she wanted it.  This will be good – a 5K in September and a 5K in October.  I need to find a few more races to sign up for to keep me motivated.  I want to run the whole thing – NO WALKING.  Amazing how hard it has been lately to do anything.  It’s been so hot and humid and my heart just has not been in it. 

My sons baseball consumed so much of my time since May I am looking forward to this being his last week of baseball.  He will play another weekend tournament this month but this week day shit will end!  Well Baseball will end but Football will start in August.  I find I still run during football practice – something about sitting there for a 2 hour practice.  I run for the first hour then I sit and read or watch practice.  Looking forward to Football starting – I know I am crazy!