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6/4/13 Follow Up – New Meds & Misc info

I have my follow up appointment for that Qysmia that I started taking full time after my race.  I started taking it again on Monday, May 13th and am down 14 pounds since then.  I have been really watching what I eat but not following any diet plan.  I still have cookies and ice cream on occassion and hot dogs at the ball games but I limit my portions and so far it seems to be working.  I did not want to start a diet and the pill at the same time and wonder if it was the pill or the diet that was working.  I think the pill is helping me with the portion size and snacking.  I don’t seem to have the same urges I used to have before – no side of beef at dinner – just front quarter.  I think I am reverting back to 20 years ago when……

It seems to be making a difference.  I only hope it continues.  I am the first patient my doctor has on it – she said she has one other male on it but as of two weeks ago she had not heard from him and did not know if he was taking it or not.  I am excited to go in and report to her.  I guess I will need to cough up the money for another months worth.

TOPIC CHANGE – Went to my son’s baseball game last night = it was a home game and the team that traveled came from about 35 minutes away.  They got there and warmed up – nothing different then normal.  When they took the field and their pitcher threw his warm up pitches I thought “wow – that looks funny……funny set and form”.  Turns out the kid only had one hand.  He would take his glove off and hook it over his forearm and get set and do his wind up and throw and put his glove on all in one motion.  It was pretty awesome to watch.  We did not mercy this team.  He pitched very well and pitched for several innings then moved to CATCHER – yes you read right – they moved him to catcher.  He is a one handed pitcher and catcher and the kid can hit the ball too.  It was inspirational to watch.  We ended up winning 7-3 but it was still a good game. 

ANOTHER TOPIC CHANGE – Missed work out last night due to baseball game, missing work out today due to doctors appointment then the boy’s last choir concert.  Tomorrow I am very excited to report I have NOTHING on the calendar and will for sure get a work out in.  Not sure what that work out will be but one will be done.  I will be missing spin class on Thursday (sad day since I love spin) due to an away game unless we get rain.  I will bring my gym clothes just in case the call it. Weather man is calling for rain on Thursday.

Down 14 of these little fuckers……