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5/31/13 Rest Day

Today has always been my day of rest – I really enjoy Friday’s.  I look forward to them knowing I don’t have to worry about packing a gym bag, getting a work out in, taking a 2nd shower…..I can just relax and enjoy what ever the day brings.  Of course today is work, concession stand help for another team and graduation open house so really no relaxing. 

Last night during the boy’s baseball game (which only got 3 innings in due to weather – OMG weather is driving me nuts!) coach tells all the 12 year old boys to use the restroom before the game.  My boy got to sit out the first 2 innings and was first up to bat and went out on deck while the other pitcher warms up and he turns to his Dad who is the ass coach and says “I have to go to the bathroom” – of course all the parents started laughing.  Dan told him to hit a home run so he could go faster.  Well he ended up on base and had to wait for others to bring him around and home.  He crossed home plate and ran to the bathoom.  He was gone a long time!  Poor boy comes from the rest room all dishelved and water all over the front of his shirt.  I guess he really had to go!