5/23/13 AWESOME 2 Miler

First run done – It felt so good I wanted to keep going and going and going but I told myself I was going to get on and run 1 mile straight through and then one mile doing the C25K run/walk and I did (kinda).  The mile done I started the C25K run/walk and OMG it was so boring I changed to sprints.  One minute run one minute walk and finish up my 2 miles.  AWESOME……I felt so so…how shall I say it…..ALIVE.  I know it sounds stupid but fellow runners will understand.  I felt kinda like this……

I signed up for a Good Form Running class that my gym is offering in June (two evenings for an hour) – everyone needs a refresher.  I took a 6 week class at the YMCA not too long ago and love it.  I wish I could take that class again.  We all have bad habits and we do good for a while then they come back.

Never hurts to be told your form sucks and to fix it before you hurt yourself – or we all want to know if we look stupid.  Ever see those runners out there that just look like they are in pain or they are doing it so wrong you want to stop and say something to them…..well I know thats me sometimes.  We all revert back to bad form when we are tired or lazy.  So Good Form Running class signed up!

I also signed up the boy for a 7th-12th grader youth training class for this summer.  Works on form and technique to prevent injuries.  Strength and speed work too – I am excited and wish I could take it.  He is nervous since he won’t know anyone there.  Had to hire out GRANDMA’s Taxi Service – boy are they expensive – to get him to and from since of course its in the mornings. 

I am looking forward to my spin class tonight.  Spinning to nowhere is my favorite thing to do – besides running to nowhere.  I love my instructor – I know she reads my blog – this one is for you!  🙂


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