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5/17/2013 I Think I am CRAZY

I am still sore and recoverying and was talking with a guy from work this morning about his couch to 5K training and OMG I started to wish I could run tonight.  Now I know I am not ready to start running yet so I guess I am not THAT CRAZY.  I will wait my week like I told myself I would and I will start out with some spinning first to get back going.  Who in their right mind cries for the last 5 miles of their run and a couple of days later is ready to start back up – oh I know……ME A RUNNER!

I don’t know maybe its the weight loss this week, the fact I finished what I started, I finished even though I could have gave up or the fact I am just plain CRAZY but I am ready to get back to working out and running.  I can’t wait until next week so I can start lifting weights, spinning and running. 

Life is good!