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5/10/2013 Race Day Eve

I am actually very relaxed and enjoying my day off and honestly have only checked the weather 3 times since I got up this morning – down a great deal from yesterday 🙂  I can’t control the weather – only prepare for it.  50’s and clouds and chance of rain – no problem.

I am officially packed – I have watch, music player, nook and phone all charged up for the big event.  Race gear packed – Sports bra (very important), shirt, shorts, shoes, bondi band, hat, sunglasses, tape, scissors, Clif Bloks, baggie, klennex, lip gloss (girls gotta look pretty), oh and most importantly I packed some extra CONFIDENCE.  In the shower this morning  I had a nice chat with myself – gave myself a good talking too and we got it all worked out.  What fun tomorrow will be when I go out and finish what I started.  I can’t wait.  I am as prepared as I am going to be and I have done what I should – well not the last two weeks or so but still I feel prepared enough to cross the finish line.  Maybe not before they take it down but I will complete 15.5 miles tomorrow all before my massage.

My BFF offered to bring a wheel barrel in case she needed to come get me – TRUE FRIEND SHE IS!  She even offered to steal a horse and come find me on the course if I needed her help.  I can’t wait to have her cheering me on.  She is a very good motivator for me.  I love my BFF!  She is AWESOME!

I decided not to take my computer with me – I already have too much stuff to carry and my laptop would put me over the edge for sure.

I don’t need anything more to carry.  I have my running bag with all my running stuff and a big back pack with all my non running stuff and I will have a bag from the grocery store – fuel for the morning of.  The hotel has wonderful coffee and that will be ordered the night before for an early delivery so I can get rid of it before race time if you know what I mean 🙂

So I am signing off now and will report back on Sunday.  I might try to post from my Nook Saturday evening but not sure how that will work but I will try it.

Have a great weekend – get out and run some tomorrow morning – it will make me feel better to know that my friends are running with me in spirit.