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5/9/13 Oh my sweet taper

I have been living the dream of taper and no long runs – actually no runs much at all.  Life has brought me other things to work on at the moment.  For sure I will be rested for the big day on Saturday.  You can all think of me Saturday morning at I thinnk 8:20 as I line up in the back of the VERY LARGE pack…..

I will be bringing up the rear – you know the sad looking person just in front of the police car.  It can be very intimidating to look behind you and see no other runners….only a police car or an ambulance.  Almost like they are waiting for you to give  up. Two years ago I looked behind me and saw the police car – I eventually started to pass people but it still bothered me.  I am sure I will see them again this year.

I will be proud of myself no mater my finish time – cuz I will finish in time for my cupcake and massage!  You can count on it!