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5/3/2013 Much better today

My morning is so much better then yesterday!  I got to sleep in because some mean sprited co-worker (you know who you are since you read my blog) scheduled a meeting from 3:00-5:00 today on a FRIDAY.   Who does that anyway?  3-5 on a friday!  I slept in since I usually leave work at 4:00 I decided to take an extra hour this morning and get my much needed beauty sleep.  God knows I can use it. 

Spin class was not so productive for me  – I had that negative voice on my shoulder again.  I was tired when I went into class so I did not put my best pedal forward.  I still got my sweat on – I love the instructor.  Even when I was struggling she found a way to make me smile.  It’s nice to laugh during a work out class.

Rest day today – after work is baseball scrimmage that I hope happens.  Weatherman might have a say in if it happens or not.  Time will tell. 

Have a great Friday everyone!