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4/29/13 Not What I Want to Post

Today’s post/report is not what I wanted to post but I will because I am being honest here.  Saturday’s “last long run” before the big race was more like “Saturdays short run” – the weather was perfect and I was ready.  My son wanted to be dropped off at the high school baseball field – cousin was playing a double header.   I dropped him off there and left my car in the parking lot and set off to do the loop for 2-3 hours.  I did two loops and could not stand it anymore.  I went back to the car and got my fruit and more water and walked over to watch some baseball.  My heart is just not in it anymore.  I can’t wait for the race to be over with so I can do something different for a while.

If I had to guess why my heart is not in it anymore is I am gaining weight and anxious to start those diet pills and the new diet back up.  I think I would enjoy it more if I was not carrying around this spare tire and muffin top!

I did go to the Susan G Komen Mid-Michgan 5K on Sunday and when all the others on the team wanted to go home before the race because it was raining a friend and I decided we would stay and walk it.  We walked it and since she is like a momma giraff and I am more like baby giraff I almost  had to jog to keep up with her.  She had to slow down for me.

The fast walk really made me work and my legs got tired.  I wish I had her speed at walking but she did say she does 2 miles and is done.  I can keep going and going and going

Well the plan is to run into baseball practice (7 miles).  I will leave about an hour before practice and arrive while they are practicing and hitch a ride home with hubby and the boy.  Temps today are mid 60’s – nice!

Have a great Monday everyone!

4/26/13 Spin Class

Thursday is spin class night and I usually have boot camp class on Wednesday night so most of the time I struggle through spin class.  Since boot camp class changed nights I can’t do it now on Wednesdays so I went into spin class last night with fresh legs.  Holy crap was that a great class.  I was able to do it all and felt GREAT!  After class I jumped on a treadmill and got a mile done at a run the whole way and then mile 2 was done doing 1 minute sprints – I was huffing and puffing but I got it done (24 minutes – pretty good pace for chunky me after a 20 mile spin class)

Resting tonight and still in debate with myself over the distance I plan to run on Saturday.  It’s going to be my last official long run before my race.  The next two weeks is my taper down and I don’t plan to run more than a distance of 5-6 miles every other day.  Question I am asking myself is do I run this long run in town with all the hills or an out and back on the country roads with some hills but not as big or as many as town offers. 

The new alternate course for the Riverbank 25K is on the hilly side of the river – flooding is pretty bad there so start/finish stay the same but we go kind of an out and back in some parts of it.  Might be a nice motivator to have people running back in the other lane – or not.  One of the comments from a professional runner on the Riverbank site was something along the lines of “much hillier course and will had a challenge to even the most experienced runner” – what about me….the chunky girl who likes flat courses and is worried about finishing on time.  If you ask me they should extend the allotted race time to allow for a little slower pace on the hills. 

Who cares – change in course will not change the fact I will do this and I WILL FINISH THE RACE!  I guess my run on Saturday will be the loop around town up and down those big hills that will kick my ass.  Ass kickin is a good thing during a work out. 

Today is rest day and tomorrow is my last long run – Sunday I am doing the Susan G Komen 5K (going to walk it with the team – if my feet don’t hurt too bad)

Weather is turning nice now – FINALLY!  Winter just keeps hanging on!  Get out and enjoy the weather if it’s nice in your areas.

4/23/13 By the hair of my chin

Many of you have commented on my humor – I have a pretty good sense of humor and I seem to come by it naturally.  To give you an example of the kind of humor that comes from my gene pool so to speak – here is an email I received from my dear mother this morning – you tell me if you can figure out where my humor comes from.

“Shit:  I just felt my chin, I have more whiskers on my chin then Dad, I have to go and pluck before Bat man gets here.  Love Mom”

I added the fitting comics to illustrate the chin hair epidmic is not limited to just my family – Now before you all freak out – my Mom is not seeing Batman.  They have had issues in the past with Bats in the attic and thought they had been seeing bats flying around the house.  The bat man is the exterminator guy who worked with them last year. 

If she were by chance dating Batman I would hope it would be the George Clooney Batman – cuz he is HOT

I would have to say her email to me this morning was the turning point in my day – almost like a do over so to speak.  I laughed so hard I cried and was even happier when I asked for her permission to post it and she said sure but I don’t think she saw the true humor in the email……

Oh by the way – the answer is YES – I did check my chin hair too after I read her email.  Did you check yours today?

4/23/13 Feeling Blue Today

I wake up this morning feeling a little blue – not sure why but if I had to wager a guess I would say it’s because the pants I decided to wear today are a little tight on me this morning.  It is very frustrating to know that I am gaining weight – that I can only seem to drop weight when I am starving myself on a 1000 calories a day and working my ass off.  The blue feeling about the weight gain has moved into other parts of my little brain.  The bitch on my shoulder is having a great time with all the ammo I have provided for her.  She just chatters on and on about all the things I should not be doing or should be doing or what I can’t do…blah blah blah. 

I find humor in Homer – Since we all know that statement false!

Words of wisdom typed by my BFF this morning – she first asked if I was up to a tough love speech this morning.  I was and I knew I needed it.  Here is her text

BFF:  If you are so filled with anxiety, self-doubt and worry about not finishing this race, don’t do it.

All that will slow you down and then it will become reality and it will be over for you.

All the time and effort and training will have been for nothing and then think of the anxiety and self-hatred that you will have if you didn’t finish – You will do fine.

I have no doubt that you will finish it good time.  Just the fact that you are doing it after 2 back surgeries says something.

Knock it off and focus.

 She is so right – I need to just knock it off and focus on what I am going to do.  I am going to try and finish a 25K and if I don’t run it or finish it in time so be it.  My goal is to finish the distance and pat myself on the back for returning ot running after two back surgeries.  Who cares if the finish line is gone by the time I reach it – I know my BFF will be there holding a flash light waiting for me.  I will be proud of myself! 

Weight issues will be dealt with swiftly and harshly upon the completion of my race.  Thats when I will worry about that!  I have a plan for that as well as my race so I am set. 

I think I just kicked a little bitches ass off my shoulder!  

4/22/2013 Monday again?

So Saturday morning I was awak at 5:00 am and got out of bed at 6:00 and Sunday I was awake at 5:30 and got out of bed at 6:00 – today dead to world at 5:00 and hit the snooze button twice before I got my lazy ass out of bed.  Figures!  I was very tired from my run yesterday and fell asleep on the floor in the living room at 8:00pm and woke up at 8:30 with the cat on one side of me and the dog on the other – weird since they hate each other.

I am tired today and hope to wake up soon – very soon.

Have a great day!

4/21/13 Update

I headed to the grocery store this morning and found Clif Bloks – bought some since I can’t stand the taste of GU Chomps.  I picked up a pack to try on my run today.  At mile 3 I ate three and really felt a difference in the next 2 miles.  I perked up and got in a groove.  Course the first 2-3 miles of a race for me can be torture.  It’s hard to get going – now I know why runners run BEFORE the start of a race to warm up.  They gotta get over that first mile or two.  Me….well I will do my warm up 2 miles DURING the race.  No sense in running more than I have too.

It was a very nice sunny but cool day today.  I went three miles out and three back – got 6 miles in and feel good.

Run run run run and run some more is on my agenda for training this week.

4/21/13 How far to go today?

I am not sure how far I will run today – I am still in debate with myself and have a little time to argue back and forth with the little bitch on my shoulder.  The boy has baseball practice today for 2 hours so I think I will park there and just turn the music on and see where it takes me.  I am not going to do the loop around town – I think the hills there are too much for me today.  Maybe an out and back run will do.  Always seems easier when you turn around since you know you are getting closer and closer to your vehicle.

so while I debate with myself I will head to the grocery store for some fuel and return and get my runner look on.  I will run today – I will love it because the sun is shining and the wind is not blowing at 50 mph today!  Nope….today is a beautiful day….a wee bit chilly but still a beautiful day to go for a run.  Whether it be a 5 mile run or a 10-13 mile run it will be a great day for a run.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day – get outside and run – or inside is fine too.

4/19/13 Three more weeks

Well I have three more weeks before the big race – I am worried and stressin about it.  I can’t seem to get over the worry about my race speed (or lack there of)

I really just need to focus on the distance rather then my speed.  It’s not like the roads get rolled up and put away at 11:50 am when the course opens back up to traffic.  I have a GPS watch and can either try to stay on the course or find my way back to the Hotel and just make sure my miles say 15.5 when I am done.  I am doing this for me and me only.  I am doing this to prove to myself that I can start something, train for something and finish what I start.  I am doing this to show you can come back after surgery and weight gain and run a race like this.  I am doing this just be cause I can and because I want too (at least I did a couple months ago when I signed up)

I am still feeling the love from boot camp from Wednesday.  Spin last night helped with the sore legs but this morning walking the stairs to the 2nd floor was a killer – it’s a good kind of hurt. 

Today is my day of rest – and rest I shall do.  I am debating on attempting another long run this weekend since I did not finish my long run last weekend.  If I do 14 miles this weekend I won’t have another long run until race day – that will give me two weeks of shorter/faster runs (5 miles or so)…….We will see how I feel in the morning.  Legs are really tired today. 

The rain they say will end today – sun and 40’s tomorrow and sun and 50’s on Sunday.  It’s going to take a long while to dry out from all the rain we had here in MI over the last couple of days. 

Have a great day! 


4/18/13 Storms are a brewin

We have a pretty big threat for severe weather this afternoon and weather man just said late afternoon is the strongest time – perfect – during spin class.  Storms storms go away….I need to spin today. 

Bootcamp was of course pretty good – I really need to STOP saying….”I can’t do that”.  She had us doing UP/DOWNS and I asked for an alternate.  It really did hurt my knees and back so the jump squats were much easier on my old body but I want to be able to do it all.  She had us doing jumping jacks too – Man I wish I could do them with out giving myself black eyes.  If I was a stick it would not be an issue……

I did find myself saying “I can’t do that” several times last night and giving up and stopping early – gotta work on that! 

Dips on the floor – WTF?  Dips on a chair yes…floor no.  STOP COMPLAINING AND JUST DO IT! The floor ones hurt my wrists and I could not bend my arms so I used a chair.  Everyone else complained too so we all ended up using the chair the 2nd round.


So tonight is spin class and I hope the weather does not ruin it for me – this weekend there is a change of training plans.  I will attempt to run 13-14 miles and get my last long run out of the way and then just do shorter faster runs between now and race day.  THREE WEEKS LEFT TO TRAIN…….

Enjoy your day and if you have bad weather – stay safe!  Put that colander on your head and you will be safe from storms and aliens!

4/17/13 Reflection

I read a post by a good friend last night on the events that unfolded on Monday in Boston – his writing was of course long and wordy, as is his style that I love, and it hit home.  Like him I was kind of numb to the events and found myself looking on line for pictures, vidoes, stories etc…..looking for what?  What was I really looking for in those pictures?  It’s human nature to look at a car accident as you drive by – its like we want to see something but deep down we know we really don’t need to see anything to know that damage was done to the life or lives of people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I was confused on the emotions I was feeling too – feeling for the runners who just finished the race that they work so long and hard for, feeling for the runners who had yet to finish the race and all their training and time they would not get to “finish what they started”, feeling for the injured people, feeling for the many who lost their limbs…lives, feeling for the family of everyone there, feeling for the children of today who are growing up wondering if something like that will happen to them.  Was it wrong of me to feel for the runners who had not finished?  As a runner I know the feeling of training, hard work, determination, goals and so much more that goes into the training for something like that – to get so close to the end and not be able to finish and the guilt they feel for feeling angry about not finishing.  Everyone has feelings they are not proud of or are confused about.

I now worry about my big race coming up in May – how will security be there?  Will I let my BFF stand at the finish line waiting for me?  Is it going to be safe for her?  I will go and run my race I have trained so hard for – I will not let terror stop me from living my life.  I will pray for strength for the security personal, race personal and pray for God to take care of me and trust in him.  If we stop living we have let them win.

I will not post anymore about Boston – Sadness is not me.  I do not like to dwell of the sad parts in life – I want to live and be happy and feel safe. 

Pray for peace!

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