Food Pushers

Ever have people push you to eat food you are not interested in?

We went to take my Dad’s dog back to my Mom last night since she is now home from vacation. While we were there, my Mom is handing out ice creams. I didn’t eat any because I didn’t want any. I know exactly how many calories I’m aiming for and I log my foods before I eat them in My Fitness Pal (best app ever!). “No thanks” wasn’t a good enough answer. She is trying to push me to eat it. :S Literally reading the nutrition label to me. I stood firm because I was not interested. It didn’t even sound good.

I’m not going to lie, if I was dying for ice cream, I would have eaten it. If right now I was just dying to have a cheeseburger or donut, I would eat it. I would have a banana split if I really thought I could not go on without it. I’m not trying to starve myself or deny myself the occasional treat. I am, however, trying to live healthier. I’m trying to get to a healthy weight and above all, be very conscious of my heart health.

My husband is awesome. We stop all the time to get ice cream for him and the kids. My two year old loves ice cream and asks for it often. He also cries when his zucchini is gone, or “Boochini!” as he calls it. lol My husband never pushes food on me and totally respects my decision.

Yesterday we were standing in the kitchen. I was cutting vegetables as he was putting Pizza Rolls on a plate. He said, “You aren’t turning me into a vegan.”  I answered him honestly, “I’m not trying to turn you into a vegan. You aren’t my goal.” He’s not. I hope he makes choices that improve his health, but I can only control my own choices. He showed me a line on the tile floor between us. He said on his side was where he is right now. On the side  of the line, I was on the vegan side. He kept putting his foot in there and pulling it back. He said that is what he’s doing, testing that side. “But one day, I’m going to be over here, with you” and he stepped onto my side.  That really tickled me. I am glad he is supportive, it helps a lot.

I’m not trying to be vegan. I don’t eat much meat, but I do eat yogurt and a little cheese. I’m just trying to be healthy. I don’t eat the donuts, muffins, pizza rolls and ice cream I buy for the kids. Not because I’m holding myself back, but because those types of food don’t even sound good anymore. I want to be healthy and strong.

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