If a Pig Wouldn’t Eat It, Neither Should I!

I have a miniature pot belly pig, not so miniature these days, but I have one nonetheless. She was a gift from my husband for my 36th birthday. She is an eating powerhouse. No food goes to waste here. In addition to all manner of table scraps, she eats banana peels, apple cores, peach pits, vegetable peels and even egg shells. I won’t let her eat the egg shells, I feel those to my lizards instead. She fought our dog (and won) over a dead squirrel in the yard once.

But she will *not*eat things she does not recognize as food. We were all a little shocked the first time we saw her refuse barbeque potato chips and a Twinkie. She’ll eat a cake you make in the kitchen, but the over processed crap you buy in a plastic wrapper in a box… nah, that’s not food.

I have been eating really clean. I feel amazing. The next time I am tempted with a processed treat whispering to me from a gas station shelf, I’m going to tell myself “If a pig won’t eat it, neither should I.” Clearly, eating whatever a pig will eat would not be healthy, but if something is so processed an actual pig cannot recognize it as food, I shouldn’t either.

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