As it turns out, I actually *am* fat!

I have never really felt fat. I guess that is hard to explain when I weigh over 300 pounds. But, I have chalked it up to being hot in high school or the shape of my body now. I would even have told you a week ago that I was still hour glass shaped at 300 pounds. I have never really hated my body or anything like that.

I have been playing the active games on our Xbox Kinect and there is a little outline of your body shape in the lower left hand corner of the Zumba game. Standing there, side by side with my 11 year old daughter… yeah, I’m fat. Lol I am glad that I can see it for the first time. I’m not a curvy vision of loveliness that just happened to gain weight in only the sexiest of places. I’m actually kind of frumpy muffin shaped. I don’t harbor any ill will towards myself. I love my body. My body is amazing. My body created my four favorite people on earth, gave life to them. My body has nourished tiny newborns, provided them immunity protection and comforted them in their times of need. My body is fat but it still rocks.

I guess this revelation should not be too shocking, but it really was. I’m having so much fun playing on the xbox that it hardly feels like work at all. I mean, it is… I sweat, my muscles ache, I never stop moving, but it does not feel boring or hard at all in the moment. My husband said today “My wife is addicted to the xbox. This is awesome.” And it is kind of awesome.

Right now, my favorite games are Rancore Rampage which is a mini game on a Star Wars Clone Wars game and Zumba (the Core Fitness one). Soooo much fun. The Rancore Rampage has you running in place, jumping and smashing your arms down to destroy a town! The Zumba is just dance moves. I am not in a place where I can finish a class or anything like that… but I can totally learn the dance moves and force my way through several dances even if I can’t quite keep up yet.

The funny thing about all of this is we have had this xbox and Kinect for over a year. I never tried it out for such a silly reason. I wasn’t that interested and I thought in the back of my mind that I might be too fat for the Kinect sensor to pick up. A friend of mine who is way bigger than me plays Dance Dance Revolution with her son and it occurred to me that maybe it was something I could do, too.

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