Back Where I Began

Well, as the title says… I’m back where I began. I weighed in at 307.4 the other day. I’m not going to lie, I knew it was bad because of my heart. It has started acting up again and I was like “Clearly my weight has climbed too high, time to bite the bullet and get on the scale.”

I have been using my MyFitnessPal app (add me if you want! My username is IAmTheGlue) to just honestly monitor what I’m eating. I’m just monitoring. And as silly as it seems, being accountable even to myself makes me well, be accountable. I log everything I eat and I am trying to be mindful. Like a few minutes ago I ate my snack (Spicy V8 Juice and 3 Celery Stalks which I LOVE and helps to ensure I get my veggies in) and made lunch for the kids. I almost made lunch for myself but seriously… I’m not hungry. At all.

When I ask my husband if he disliked something he doesn’t eat or only eats a little bit of, his standard answer is “It’s fine, I just don’t eat past full.” Don’t eat past full… what a novel idea. Lol

Anyway, I’m back where I began (7 pounds from it anyway). I’m back here though.. working on me again. It’s really not optional. I often think of my father who died from Congestive Heart Failure. He was amazing and he had a full and glorious life. He was such a giving person and helped so many people. I want to be like him. I am going to help as many people as I can. I am in college. When people ask me what for, I say “I’m going to get a Master’s Degree in Social Work”. I am at the Associates Degree stage of this goal. I *AM* going to get a Master’s Degree, though. One of my professors last semester suggested writing down your goals. She insisted that saying it, planning it, putting it out into the universe or speaking it into being made things happened. I loved that and I’m no longer going to be “losing weight” but I’m going to be running a marathon. That is my actual goal. I’m going to get healthy and fit and run a marathon. I am a die hard Goonies fan and I really want to go the Goonies Truffle Shuffle 5K in Astoria Washington. It’s really far from me, prohibitively far… but I’m setting my sights on the 2015 race. That gives us almost 18 months to save, plan AND.. get fit. 😉

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