My doctor told me a few months ago that denial kills more people than anything else. He said he saw it in his office every day, people whose worst condition was denial. He said the mind is a very powerful thing and you can convince yourself of absolutely anything. I was absolutely in denial about […]

Don’t Get All Hot and Leave Me!

I love my husband, dearly. He is literally my best friend in the world and the person I would rather spend my time with over anyone else. Last night, we were talking about my fitness goals and he said “Don’t do all this and leave me. I’m a broken man and there is no fixing […]

As it turns out, I actually *am* fat!

I have never really felt fat. I guess that is hard to explain when I weigh over 300 pounds. But, I have chalked it up to being hot in high school or the shape of my body now. I would even have told you a week ago that I was still hour glass shaped at […]

Back Where I Began

Well, as the title says… I’m back where I began. I weighed in at 307.4 the other day. I’m not going to lie, I knew it was bad because of my heart. It has started acting up again and I was like “Clearly my weight has climbed too high, time to bite the bullet and […]