Walking and Dogs

I enjoy walking, I always have. We move out to the middle of nowhere and there is no real safe place to walk. Our road, being secluded, seems to be a trial run for race car drivers. Not exactly, but the people drive down our road like wild maniacs. They are flying! So, it is not safe to walk down the road.

Our actual drive is a private road and we walk down to the bus stop at the end of the roads to get the kids after school. Two days ago our neighbors dog bit me. It is not serious, I told him not to worry about it because it is really no big deal. I did bleed but not like a deep wound. I could pick up that fat little dog and hurl him into the woods if I wanted to. lol But, I don’t want to. I don’t have it in me to hurt it even though he said to my husband I should beat his dog for biting me. Yeah…. I’m not like that.

I’m glad he bit me not one of the kids. There is a huge difference between biting me and biting a toddler or a bigger kid.

But, there is a lingering thought that there is just no safe place for me to walk now. And that feels sad. Hopefully soon we will be able to drive to the state park to walk more often, but I hate that I can no longer just open the front door and have a safe place to walk.

I’m still counting calories, so I feel that I’m doing okay overall.

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