No Longer Drowning!

An amazing thing happened to me yesterday! To back up a bit, our bed is crooked.  Our mattress had been on the floor for some time and when we moved to our new house and set our bed back up, it is crooked. The head of the bed is slightly lower than the foot of the bed. I couldn’t lay with my head at the head of the bed because I literally felt like I was drowning. This sent up a red flag for me because I KNOW that is an issue my Dad had before being diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. I was already scared and that coupled with the fact my heart was beating erratically was terrifying. Before I even saw the cardiologist the first time, I had mentioned this to my husband, hoping he would fix the problem with the bed. To this day he hasn’t, so I’ve slept with my head at the foot of the bed for months.

Yesterday, I was laying in the bed the right way and I wasn’t drowning!  Last night I slept the right way and woke up, not drowning! I’m very happy with my NSV. I’m actually down 35 pounds from when I had my hand surgery right after we moved in here. I’m still dangerously close to 300 pounds (279 at my last weigh in), but I am so pleased that I have signs I am getting healthier, which is my goal. I’m pushing forward and I’m so delighted!

I’ve had concerns I may not be eating enough because I’ve been dizzy and had a headache at times. I’m still working on figuring that out. I’m eating 1500 calories a day, but I’m also nursing a toddler. I guess I will just keep doing what I’m doing and push forward for my health.

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