I Stole a Dog Today!

I stole a dog today. Okay, not really. My Mom & niece are visiting her family across the country and I am taking care of her pets and garden while she is away. I had mentioned before she left that I was bringing Bugsy to my house while they were gone, but had since decided against it.is there all the time. It makes me sad to see her laying there. They have 4 dogs. Bugsy was my Dad’s favorite, I suppose. Well, it may be more that my Dad was her favorite. She loved him the most of anybody. Since his passing, she has dutifully laid at his bedroom door. She is an old, old dog. A grouchy old lady dog, really.

Yesterday, I couldn’t find her. Today I STILL couldn’t find her and I had decided I was going to the cemetery.  I have heard about dogs who, during their mourning, go find their owner’s grave. I was walking around watering plants and I heard a dog crying under their house in the the crawl space.  Picturing her seriously injured, my oldest son and I used a flashlight and crawled around looking for her. She didn’t appear to be injured but was clearly whining.

I texted my Mom who said she is just whiny. She whines all the time. We let her inside to lay by Grandpa’s door. Bugsy is a former stray who found a home. “Throw away dogs”  is what my Dad called them. Sometimes people from the city bring their dogs in the country to throw them away. They drive off leaving them to fend for themselves as they go back to their warm and dry homes. My Dad always loved animals and always had a bunch of throw away dogs. My Dad always let her in the house even though my Mom doesn’t believe animals should be inside. Bugsy was clearly a former house dog who became a throw away for whatever reason. My Mom lets her inside now because she feels sorry for her.

She just looked so pitiful sitting there by his door today. It’s hard because I MISS my Dad. I miss him a lot. I can feel Bugsy’s pain. I can feel how much she misses him and doesn’t know where he is, so maybe if she sits there a little longer he’ll show up. She’s breaking my heart. My husband has said more than once that we should bring her home with us. I scooped her hefty butt up and put her in the truck. Nestled between two kids in the backseat, she didn’t whine or cry or worse, vomit on the way home. She’s used to being inside so I think she’ll fit in just fine here until I find out if my Mom  wants her back.

BTW, I made steel cut oats in the crock pot last night. Sooooooooooo GROSS! Not the texture so much as the flavor. I put raisins in it. And it was a giant vat of grody raisiny grossness. *shudder*

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