Cardiologists are Cool

I saw the cardiologist today. Not quite what I was hoping for, as in he did not say “you’re good. Go home. Rock out.” Instead he said that they found either a weak spot or small blockage in my heart. He said it could also just be that I am busty and the MRI did not get the best reading. I already knew I had a small hole in my heart from a previous appointment.He said I should have a sleep study done and they scheduled that. He said my heart function was 50. Normal is 55. He said that 50 may be normal for some people, but if in one or three years my heart function is 45 then we will KNOW there is a problem.

My Mom has sleep apnea and our toddler has it as well. Actually he hasn’t shown any signs of it lately so that may just be related to his tonsil size at the time.

But the best news was according to their scale I’ve lost 25 pounds since I first walked in his door in MAY!!!!!My blood pressure was 115/73. It is always right around 126/78, so I’m thinking this weight loss had helped my blood pressure too. 🙂

I’ve decided to get my tubes tied. I have four beautiful and healthy children that I love immensely.  Having another at this point would probably be very reckless with my health issues. I called my OB-GYN after seeing the cardiologist to make a preliminary appointment. Kind of depressed as I would no longer have the hopes of another little baby to snuggle and pat and raise. But I guess this day was coming one way or another.

I’m grateful we have insurance. I’m grateful that this was discovered by happen-chance. At least we know and I have the opportunity to do my best to take care of myself.

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