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No going back November 5, 2008

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The reasons why I want to be healthy and once I am a healthy weight, why I will never, ever let myself go back to being obese again…..

1. I want to be able to breathe easily, and move freely. I want to be able to run from a bear if the need should arise 😉

2. I want to watch my kids grow into adulthood and beyond, and be able to enjoy the journey with them. not just be and onlooker.

3. I want to feel good about myself when i look in the mirror. I want to feel proud, and even if I do have saggy skin….. i want to have self esteem and feel self worth.

4. I want to feel sexy for my husband, and have a great sex life. dont we all?

5. I want to be able to go to a normal store and buy normal size clothes. I want to be able to fit into cute jeans that i feel comfortable in.

6. I need to be able to do my job effectively, without throbbing feet, and feeling exhausted every day.  my job requires me to do cpr, so i need to be able to do it without giving myself a heart attack!

7. I dont want to get older, and suddenly realize that i’ve wasted all my time being unhappy, unhealthy, and miserable. I want to live life to the fullest

8. I am worth it


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  1. inkheartmeg Says:

    Nice list to live by!

  2. mwrarr Says:

    your 1st one killed me! LOL!! nice list =D

  3. shapinup Says:

    Great list!

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