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so long obesity September 20, 2009

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Just wanted to share some great news!! I made it out of the obesity category today! finally just overweight.  Just this week I have lost 4 lbs! dont ask me how because I haven’t changed anything much. maybe my body is just finally moving past my plateau.  I hope so anyway.  today I finally feel like Im moving in the right direction again.  I haven’t had any bad cravings in a couple weeks and haven’t binged either.  I am determined to stay on this track! hope everyone is well.  haven’t posted my food in a while, so here goes:

B- fruit smoothie with nonfat yogurt flax seeds, strawberries, blueberries and banana

L- healthy choice spinach, portabella parmesean meal

S- sunflower seeds, cottage cheese double

D- subway turkey on wheat 6 inch with vegies and mustard only

S- coffee, 100 cal pack natural almonds

S- weight control oatmeal package


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  1. round Says:


    Congratulations on losing 4 lbs and breaking out of a stall!!

    Even more congrats on getting out of OBESE!!! That is one of my Biggest Milestone goals. In fact, although I hope my stabilisation weight will be lower than that, it’s the last concrete goal I can identify right now- so I can imagine (even remember) how it feels!

    GREAT JOB, I am very proud of you!

  2. beerab Says:

    WTG GIRL! *hugz*

  3. inkheartmeg Says:

    congrats! The menu looks yummy. Hope all is well and continuing onward in great fashion

  4. inkheartmeg Says:

    September 20th was the last day both you and Eileen posted. Just noting the co-inky dink. Hope all is going well.

  5. paperskin Says:

    Where are you?

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