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issues September 6, 2009

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well, I’ve been bouncing around 179/180 for about a week now. I think the 177 was just a fluke or something. IDK but I really need to do something else because at this rate I will never get to 135!  It seems like just when I think Im starting to lose again, I hit a stahl. Its so frustrating.  I haven’t had to buy new clothes all summer because I’ve only lost about 15 lbs this summer. I still work out 4 days a week and eat right most of the time. I only “treat” myself like one day out of every two weeks, but obviously that is what is hindering my progress.  It sucks!! I know this is a topic that just keeps repeating itself on my blog. 

Dh is getting really worried lately about me getting hit on at work. He never use to have to worry aobut this sort of thing because it never happened. Now all of a sudden he is obsessed with the fact that he thinks I am going to cheat on him!! this is becoming such a problem that I am consumed with it daily. have any of you guys had to deal with this after weight loss, its almost like he liked it better when i was fat because he wasn’t threatened by other people.  I keep reassuring him that I am doing this for my health and for my own satisfaction of the way I look (and for him) but not for anyone else!  I just hope it is a phase and it doesn’t get any worse.   he has always been smaller (in weight) than me and now he is bigger (not obese, but a little over weight) so the tables have turned. I also made the mistake of telling him about someone hitting on me at work. I was a little flattered by it, because I am just not used to this sort of thing, and I also thought it was right for me to let him know. but that might have triggered this whole thing! ugh….. what to do?   any thoughts?


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  1. round Says:

    It’s cute that your hubby is getting jealous and possessive, but I’m sure it gets old fast.

    How about coming on here and telling US when someone makes a comment about how great you look, and not telling your husband to keep his jealousy under control? We’ll cheer and smile for you without getting upset, I promise!

    Maybe you should have a talk about it w your husband and 1) make sure he knows he can trust you, and 2) ask him if he thinks you are doing anything inappropriate (coffee with a colleague, something you wear, etc) and then tell him you’ll try to make sure you don’t send the wrong signal to co-workers.

    As for your weight being stalled, I really think that long plateaus are for most of us, part of being successful. It is a whole different thing to learn to manage your weight at 180 than it was at a higher weight – and it will be different again at 135. It sounds like what you are doing now (how you eat, exercise) is working to maintain your weight at 180. At some point you’ll need to decide if it’s worth making further changes to lose more. Once you make that decision, you’ll either be more comfortable ‘treading weight’ at 180 or you’ll do what it takes to lose some more.

  2. inkheartmeg Says:

    I’ve not had to deal with it yet, but have felt that it would be an issue. You are doing great even if it’s very slow right now. If you have to, tell him that his jealousy is causing a problem. (you have done nothing wrong-don’t feel like you don’t deserve to feel joy from the hard work you’ve put in and don’t go eat). 😉

  3. beerab Says:

    Jealousy happens sometimes but there isn’t much you can do about someone hitting on you- it happens- unless hubby keeps you in a bubble you are going to be around other guys.

    My advice would be to plan a nice night for the two of you- get the kids a babysitter and have a wonderful night out, and when you are there have a serious chat- not a long drawn out one but just shower him in love and affection and let him know “hey, if a guy flirts with me it doesn’t mean a thing because YOU are the person I love, you loved me when I was such and such weight, and you love me now. I just want you to know you will never have to worry about me being unfaithful to you. :)”

    Guys act like they don’t need love and affection or attention but they do- I bet a great night out with you paying attention to only him will rock his world 🙂

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