Two Month Interval Updates

huskygirl on Feb 26th 2012 07:57 am

Apparently I’m good at two month interval updates. I always have the best intentions to blog often and then life gets in the way. Once again I will try to do better. What I have done better is losing weight. I’ve lost 9 pounds since I took my eating plan seriously at the end of November. I know an average of 3 pounds a month loss is not considered speedy, but for me it is pretty normal. When I was at my high weight of 212, I lost a bit faster, but mostly I’d average about 4 pounds per month. I’m now past the half century mark and weight loss seems to slow with age. So I am quite pleased about the 3 pounds. In a week, the weight loss will probably slow even more. On March 6th, I’m having a hysterectomy and that should pretty much do my metabolism in. Instant menopause.

The reason for the surgery is because of intense cycle pain before the TOM starts. This is something new in the last few months. With a diagnosis, the resolution is hysterectomy. In many ways, woo-hoo. But there is the big reason not to do it. I know menopause slows the metabolism. Since I struggle with maintaining my weight loss and I am a vigilant eater and exerciser, I’m terrified of the instant slow down. To be honest, I struggled with the decision. Intense pain 7-9 days every 28 days and losing weight OR no pain and messing with my weight loss. I admit there were a few moments when the leaving the pain was victorious. I’m scared what the surgery will do to my ability to lose and maintain. Terrified might be a better word. But then the pain is so bad that clearly there is something wrong and it’s not going away on its own. And my quality of life deteriorates every 4 weeks. I’ve missed work, I miss my active life. So I made the rational and correct decision. But I’ve got to admit I’m scared. I’ve spent my whole life working to get to a healthy weight and now that is on the line.

So I figure if I’m losing at 1400-1500 cals per day, will I need to be at 1200 cals to lose. What will I give up? I’m an eating creature of habit. My variations aren’t much. So what do I cut out? My reward foods? No way, they are the things that made losing weight possible. I look forward to my reward foods every day. So the healthy foods that are the building blocks of my body? Of course that’s not an option. Clearly I’m at an impasse on figuring that out. At the beginning, I’m going to hope that 1300-1400 cals will let me lose. Many days I already exercise 2X a day. Do I increase that? I just might.

About 4 months ago I started adding some yoga to my life (heck I don’t even log the 5 minutes 3-4X per week as it is so minimal). But I did start and I’ve been religious about doing it. Keep in mind, I hate boring stretching and posing. Boring. I’m an aerobic girl. But I’ve proven I can do that minimal yoga. I’m thinking I could do a little more of it, make it the real yoga workout, maybe in the evenings. And of course maybe I could try some strength training. I’m never a success at that because I have weak rotar cuffs and always injure them (and that’s with PT oversight). If I don’t do the strength training, my arms don’t hurt. If I do, I can’t move them. See where not doing them is an easy choice? But maybe just a little strength training would be good. Maybe. Of course all these thoughts are just ideas at the moment because I won’t be allowed to do anything for quite awhile post surgery. But my thoughts are definitely running rampant.

Ok, I suppose that is enough of a novella for the time being. I think maybe I will make blogging weekly a goal. If not weekly, at least bi-weekly. 🙂 But looking at my blogging history, I won’t count my eggs before my blogs are posted.

Happy Sunday!


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New Year’s Eve

huskygirl on Dec 31st 2011 12:33 pm

The last day of the year? Wow, 2012 is around the corner and it seems like just yesterday it was Y2K. Went for a long, hilly hike with my 4 huskies and it was like winter. Usually on New Year’s Eve, my DH and I go skiing and enjoy fireworks and a torch light parade on the slopes. Sadly, the Cascades haven’t had snow yet. At least there hadn’t been any until yesterday afternoon. We got about an 1″ but that’s not nearly enough for mountain skiing. So DH and I will stay home and be bums.

I bought the PS3 Move System on Wednesday and Amazon Prime kindly delivered it yesterday. I have the wand thing charged and am going to learn the Zumba workout game I bought for it. There’s other games but I love to dance. If I really take to playing with it, I’m going to buy a couple of the real dance games. I’ll write how it.

The scale has been stalled for a week and that’s nothing new. I always lose in whooshes and plateaus. But I really wanted a loss this morning and it wouldn’t budge. I gave the scale the middle finger salute three times (last one about 30 minutes after weigh in just so it know I was mad at it). 🙂 I think getting mad at it is good. I lost all the weight frustrated with the scale and the anger drove my will-power.

Have a great New Years Eve and be safe.

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Been Gone Too Long

huskygirl on Dec 30th 2011 01:37 pm

So it is two days before the new year. I stopped blogging here for (FIRST) no reason other than I didn’t want to be accountable and (SECOND) I started a Holiday Challenge on the 3FC forums. Now that I’m to the point that holidays are gone, I decided to come back here. Lately I’ve posted on the Challenge mostly by myself and decided why do that when I have my blog? So I’m going to come back here. That is a little scary as no one will see my blog and the forum challenge helped me get on track. Because I’ve been on track for 32 days, I’m going to post here since then I don’t have to do more than write about what I want. I know, selfish, but I took it personally when a challenger wrote she gained weight because of the challenge – that such a thing always backfires on her. I know I shouldn’t feel bad, but I do. So if you’re reading this, wonderful. If no one does, that’s cool too.

The big news is that on the 32 days of being on track, I’ve lost 4 pounds. Do I wish all 20 I regained is gone? You bet. But 4 is a start. That is 20% done. And that was done over Christmas and all its merriment. So I feel strong and invincible. Scary, but it is exactly how I felt when I lost the 77 pounds. So I do feel strong and in control.

Losing the regained flubber isn’t a New Year’s resolution – I’ve never done those. More like a promise to myself. Anytime I’ve been tempted, I ask if I’m happy regaining the weight. The answer is no way, no how. And it is working. I’ve been staying in the 1200 – 1600 range. Mostly I want to aim for 1500 as I lose weight at that amount and I don’t feel deprived. And anyone that tells you that after you lose the weight you won’t feel deprived because you have to still control every morsel is outright lying. I want to eat like a normal person. I don’t want to track every morsel that goes into my mouth. But if I do track every bite, I don’t gain. Heck I lose. This time when I re-reach my goal, I will do a better job of figuring out the calorie limit so I don’t gain. I played around too much with other “diets” and “plans” and they didn’t help me. So my iPhone and its LoseIt! app and I will be the only choice.

Exercise wise I’m still going strong. I never bend or break my structured weekly routine. Can anyone say OCD? The one thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t quite want to put the same effort in that I was. That is problematic but since I am in good shape, I won’t worry too much. I’m thinking it is a side effect of SADD and since its prime SADD time of the year, I will keep at it and work on using my light therapy more.

That’s it. I’m back and done playing around with ideas. I will do what works and stop trying to find an “easier” way. It isn’t easy and it isn’t fun. But the reward of being vigilant is fun and truly nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. I want that back and I’m 20% of the way there.


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Faced the Scale

huskygirl on May 3rd 2011 11:31 am

On Monday morning I decided to face the evil white box and stepped on the scale. It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad. About where I expected. Of course twelve pounds lighter would have been good but then I’d have known someone had pumped helium in my fat cells. Because my size is reflected in the mirror no matter what the scale says.

It’s sunny and beautiful out. Birdies are singing and I refilled my hummer food this weekend. There is hope for summer to arrive some day. Heck even my pool is starting to warm up. The solar panels are miraculous. Last weekend (April 23) the temp was 45 degrees and on Sunday it was up to 56 degrees. Soon I’ll be diving in.

My first pair of Ebay auction Not Your Daughter’s Jeans capris arrived in the mail yesterday. They’re white and gorgeous. Retail they’re $84 and I got them for $18. Wow-wee. I can’t tell they aren’t new. I won 2 other auctions so fa. A black pair and a blue pair. Since summer is coming, having new capris is fun. Motivating too as they have no room for growing. 🙂 Much better price than what I’ve been paying at Macy’s.

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I Love Weekend

huskygirl on May 1st 2011 11:04 am

So I’m pondering why weekends can’t be 5 days long and workdays only 2. And I still want the same paycheck. In a perfect world… I’m having a relaxing weekend and am enjoying every second. My cals yesterday were on target. Today, I snacked on two Oreos but I logged them and that was enough to get me to stop.

I had a dr. visit Friday and I refused to look at the scale. I had my vow that if I logged, I didn’t have to weigh myself. So I covered my eyes. I’d explained to the nurse and she cleared the weights to zero before she had me open my eyes. I like helpful people.

Since I’ve complained often about the weather – yesterday and today have been sunny and gorgeous. I hope it stays. The sagebrush has gotten too much water. 🙂


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Sunny Day!

huskygirl on Apr 27th 2011 12:02 pm

So my weather updates continue. It is sunny here and it’s nearly a nice temp. I love it. So I’m happy and ready to play outside. I have been busy and didn’t update the blog for about a week but all has gone well diet and exercise wise. I’ve stayed in the 1450-1600 cal range even on the weekend with having the munchies. So I’m 8 days into being on plan and I finally feel strong about it. I’ve logged every day even though I didn’t want to on munchie day – see how the logging kept the calories contained??? I think there is a lightbulb even with that one. I haven’t weighed and I don’t want to. I made my promise to log or else I had to weigh and it’s working. On the weekend I didn’t want to log but knowing I’d made that vow and that I’d have to weigh Monday morning got me to pull out my iphone and put the foods in. YEAH!!!!

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Weekend is on the horizon!

huskygirl on Apr 21st 2011 11:47 am

I finished yesterday at 1462 calories (of course the +/- 50 cals margin of error). So day three of being regimented again was good. Today I’m on track since a meeting went through my normal munchie time of the day. Very cool.

Not much else going on. As weekend approaches my happiness meter is rising exponentially. I do like my job but I love being home with my husky dogs. I hate leaving them in the mornings.

Weather update – it snowed again yesterday. *^#$*^#*$ and then melted. There are clouds in the sky but Mr. Sun has poked through periodically to shine in my office. I love the sun!!!! So no complaints about the weather today. I am noticing a trend, though. Yucky weather makes me more munchie. Now, one would have thought I’d have figured that out before yesterday, but alas, that was my big ah-ha moment. Knowing the yucky stuff makes me munchie means maybe I can wage a better battle. Who knows.

Have a great day!

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Rain is bad – snow is depressing

huskygirl on Apr 20th 2011 08:56 am

So the bad weather returns and tonight we’re supposed to get 1″ of snow. So my response this blah morning? I want M&Ms. Bad response. I had 6 and called it quits on the chocolate munchie monster. I decided to make myself a deal – I don’t have to weigh in at any point (using the clothes as a marker) UNLESS I go off plan and/or don’t log my food the prior day. As I hate my scale, I’m thinking I might be finding motivation to log, log, log. And if I log, I stay on plan. I looked and the mirror and made my pledge aloud. Now I’ve written it before my 3FC blogging friends.

Yesterday was good – 1467 calories even though I went to a very diet unfriendly restaurant yesterday. Nary a lo-cal item to be found. I chose a French Dip without the cheese, then just ate the deli meat. Wasn’t much and 9 bucks for about 2 oz of deli beef was ridiculous but I didn’t get a say in where we were meeting. My sack lunch will be much easier today!

While I ellipticalled yesterday, I finished Nora Robert’s latest audiobook (Chasing Fire). It was very interesting so I just had to finish it. I’m glad it is done because I get a better workout watching rock concerts on my iPhone. Over the last two months, I’ve been doing lots of video editing and I made an awesome workout video with select, high intensity songs in concert. They entertain my eyes as well as the ears. I can’t recommend concerts highly enough for working out to. I thought of getting an iPad just so the video would be bigger but decided that wasn’t really necessary. For now I’ve talked myself out of it but… I doubt that will last. 🙂

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Back a 2nd day in a row…

huskygirl on Apr 19th 2011 08:28 am

Yesterday was on plan and good. Trying to get back onto my normal sleep schedule so I have a few yawns escaping this morning. Ended yesterday at 1450 calories. I’m aiming below 1600 but prefer the 1400-1500 zone. YEAH! It was a good food day. Enjoyed my elliptical workout yesterday and this morning the sky wasn’t falling (aka raining) and the full moon was bright and beautiful. DH and I walk the huskies at 5:00 am for 1.5 miles every day. It was so awesome to see that moon. I live in the “desert” and I just don’t get how they can call the last 3 months of rain a desert. So it is sunny out and I can see a big honkin’ mountain from my desk. Mt Shasta has been hidden in the 3 months of clouds. A beautiful day!

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Another time lapse but had a real reason this time…

huskygirl on Apr 18th 2011 02:25 pm

So here I post 6 days ago and disappear. That wasn’t my intention and for once I have a valid excuse. My granddaughter was hospitalized last week and was diagnosed with a problem that would require surgery. We wanted a specialist as she is only 2 months old and 7 pound, 4 oz. So she was transferred to the Children’s Hospital in Portland. Long (really long) story short, she was misdiagnosed and didn’t need surgery. She’s on meds and doing better. But it did take me away from home for several days.

I made good food choices overall but I learned something. I can find excuses to make bad food choices. Travel, stress, tired, scared, etc. If there’s an excuse to be found, I will find it. But exercise is another matter. I exercise for the mental aspect (another long story) and I NEVER find an excuse to skip my workout. Never. I started walking as soon as I could stand upright after surgery. I exercise when I have a cold, when my asthma has me using the rescue inhaler a couple times during the workout (ok’d by my dr.), broken arm, strained muscles. I exercise no matter what. WHY of WHY can’t I get that mindset with eating?

I am on track and doing well. A little sore today since my Sasha husky decided to take off after a bird that flew in front of us yesterday when we were using the dog scoot-joring. Almost a huge wipeout but I got stopped before the ditch. But many joints were jerked and twisted. I’ve got to get that girlie to leave distractions alone. My lead husky didn’t even blink and fought the ditch as much as I was.

Back to work for me.

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