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26 Jan, 2012

What’s the opposite of a vacation?

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It’s been a week since my last post- a very stressful, overwhelming week.

Last Thursday I was put into an unexpected situation where my younger siblings (8 and 17) needed to come and stay with me. So I’ve spent the last week stressing, crying, packing, moving, organizing, enrolling, completely (and luckily) changing my work schedule around, and driving. LOTS of driving.

Not only have I not made it to the gym even once- but I had to cancel my training session with Dorn yesterday. I’ve been so stressed out that I’ve been lucky to get one meal in a day and that’s because the boyfriend made sure of it. Between trying to comfort the siblings, completely pack and move an entire room into storage, not being able to get off of work and having to work later into the evening than I wanted, I’ve been too exhausted to even think about sitting down for a meal.

Things are finally a little better today. It’s day 3 of second grade for the brother and day 1 of senior year for the sister. I’m not quite as worried about my sister starting a new school since she’s moved around a lot the last three years but my brother started pre-school in his hometown and has grown to love his old school and all of his friends. So far he seems to be doing okay at his new school- they have an after care program like his old one where they help with homework, have snacks, and can play. And fortunately for me, they’re open as late as 6:30pm!

I figure it gives him a chance to make new friends and it gives my darling a break. We don’t have children of our own, so this is new to us. He is handling it very well but I’m noticing that he doesn’t quite have the patience that I do when it comes to my 8-year-old brother being bored literally every 10-15 minutes. We live in the country so there isn’t much to do, especially with the cold weather. =(

I’ve rescheduled my session with Dorn and am hoping to get in tomorrow morning! I’m ready to relieve some stress! I’m NOT ready for the 3 days of terribly sore quads though. The two days after my last session were very painful. It hurt to bend over, walk, get in and out of my car, and damn it pure torture trying to sit on the toilet!
Squats KILL me!

18 Jan, 2012

Day One With Dorn.

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Today was my first session with my personal trainer, Dorn. I should have taken a picture of him- he’s this cute, buff little Asian guy and let me tell you, he is awesome!

When I first arrived, I talked about calories and such with Brad (the owner) and I asked him to re-measure me as I was wearing a tight fitted, slimming tank top last time I was in. Definitely helps hide a few inches, but I want to do this right so he measured me and was surprised at how honest I was about it. (Why wouldn’t I be?)

Next up was my warm-up. Dorn chose the elliptical and told me to try to do 5 minutes. I’m not gonna lie, the first two minutes were hard- my breathing was staggering a bit and I could feel my calves starting to burn- and then something amazing happened! It magically became easy! So I’m chatting with Dorn and watching the news and next thing I know I had already went over 10 minutes! I know that might not seem like much but I honestly didn’t even think I’d make it to the 3 minute mark.

I won’t bore you with every detail of every exercise, but I WILL say that I believe squats are going to be the end of me!!! Also- its not wise to skip breakfast because you woke up late…I ended up being really light headed in the middle of my session and thought I was going to pass out. BUT, we opened the garage door and got some nice, cold air in and I felt good again…

At least as good as you can feel when you’re sweating and your arms are burning and your hamstrings are tight and your legs feel like jello…which really– I felt damn good! There were lots of, “Hey this isn’t so ba—fuck I feel it now!!” and laughing when it hurt and my inner-sailor slipped up a few times, but Dorn just laughed with me, made sure I was doing okay, and when things were too easy (which I didn’t think ANYTHING would be too easy! But some of it was!) he would change it up and make it harder for me.

If you’re thinking about seeing a personal trainer, I highly suggest it! Don’t psych yourself out- just go in with an open mind and tell yourself you can do it- because you really, honestly can!

I never thought I’d say this, but I had FUN! And I can’t wait to go back!

17 Jan, 2012

Bad Day before 10am? It’s possible.

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9:52am and I’m feeling miserable.
Slept better last night than the previous few nights but I wasn’t the least bit happy when the boyfriend’s alarm went off at 4:30 this morning. This typically doesn’t bother me but my sleep cycle has been so cluster-fucked lately that I was instantly in a pissy mood. I complained that it was too early (he doesn’t leave for work until 6) and that I wasn’t going to be able to fall back asleep. I was short and snippy with him and he was snippy with me. I feel slightly bad about it but just as I suspected, I wasn’t able to fall back asleep. Which would be all fine and dandy if it weren’t for the fact that we normally go to bed around 10- but on Tuesday’s I work late and don’t normally get home until that time- and while he can fall asleep within a matter of minutes, it can take several hours for me to finally drift off.

Speaking of work- they called to say that I only have 3 clients coming in today. Bummer. Essentially I have 5 hours to kill before work. I seriously hate sitting at home all day- I don’t understand how people do it. Maybe its because I live in the country now so its at least a 15 minute drive to get to the nearest bit of civilization, leaving me feeling trapped?

Part of me wants to get out of the house and go hit the gym early but I’m pretty damn sure I can’t kill 5 hours at the gym with this out of shape body. The one downfall to living in BFE is that my gym is located a few miles from my work- which is a 35 minute drive. I just paid rent so unfortunately I’m on a budget when it comes to random ass trips to where ever, so I’m trying to incorporate gym time around work time.

I will go to the gym before work, its just the waiting part that’s getting to me. I think my main problem right now is that I need to blow off steam. I don’t like arguing with the BF, I don’t particularly like working late, I don’t like a lot of things right now but I was told lately that I complain too much so I probably shouldn’t bog down my  blog with a list of rants.
Then again, its my fucking blog…
Just feeling really down in the dumps this morning. Hopefully that will change. Fingers crossed.

16 Jan, 2012

Tomorrow I shall die!

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Okay- not really. But that’s probably what I’m going to be thinking when I hit the gym before work. I bought my membership on Friday and still haven’t had a chance to get in there- I guess that’s what I get for choosing a career in the service industry. I love being a massage therapist but I’m swamped non-stop on the weekends.

Honestly, I’m excited to feel the burn tomorrow. Y’know why? Because my gym has a hot tub! I think its going to make for a good reward. I’m thinking I’ll hit the boring treadmill for my warm up and then hop on the elliptical for a bit. I’m curious at how long I can tolerate it- hell, I’m winded after 3 flights of stairs! I know that its going to be hard- especially in the beginning. BUT it can only get a little bit easier each time, right? It only takes 20-some-odd days to form a habit and THIS is going to become one of my healthy habits!

Other exciting (or maybe not so exciting) news: I’ve lost 3 pounds! And Wednesday at 9am is my first appointment with my personal trainer. I have a feeling its going to kick my ass.

Questions for You:
How do I save other blogs that I’m interested in?
How do I add pages? I’d like to add a page for before/after pictures, etc.

I tried finding how to do these things and was unsuccessful. Go figure. =)

Do you have questions for me?

13 Jan, 2012

Restarting of the Blog!

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I started this blog in March of 2010…
Where am I now? About 25 pounds heavier than I was then.

Since the beginning of my last blog- I was accepted into a Massage Therapy school, graduated with top honors in May, 2011, and am currently working full time as a Licensed Massage Therapist- and LOVING it!

I don’t love how I feel/look, though.
I’m currently at 219. After my consultation with my personal trainer today, I’ve found that I have 83 pounds of body fat. My BMI is 34.4.

Joined a 24 Hour Fitness today- even talked them down to only $24.99/month! I also joined a personal training gym (aka Brad and Jen)- $35/session is a bit high for me but I went ahead and bought 4 sessions so I’ll at least get in once a month. I’m hoping that with my tips each week, I can get in to see my trainer 2-3 times/week!

I love that my gym has free classes- yoga, zumba, spinning, free weights, piyo, etc. They also have a lap pool, hot tub, sauna, and steam room. And at Brad and Jen’s they offer a free cardio room, a free weekend running club, and free nutrition counseling/classes. Meaning Jen will customize a meal plan for me, down to what I should eat, when I should eat it, even making me a shopping list if needed.

I can’t wait to get started! But I’m also really nervous. I’m easily out of breath just climbing a few flights of stairs. Or carrying my massage table from the car into the house. My first training session is Wednesday at 9am- but I think I might hit up 24HF just to see if I can even survive a five minute warm-up. I feel like I’m going to “waste” my expensive sessions because my body isn’t used to physical activity. =(

I want to feel better, have more energy, boost my confidence (I have no idea why my boyfriend tells me I’m sexy…), increase my strength, and fit into those damn jeans I bought five years ago and only wore once!

Wish me luck!

Also- any tips/suggestions/motivations are welcome. =)