First comes love, then comes marriage, then a baby… and then the gym and diet

post pregnancy weight loss


Four Hour Body

Proteins Legumes Vegetables

1 or 2 whole eggs*

chicken breast or thigh





black beans

pinto beans

red beans

soy beans







green beans


  • Pick one of each column for a healthy meal, eat 3-4 meals a day, aprox. four hours apart. It’s OK if you don’t feel creative and repeat the same meal over if you like it.
  • Don’t drink calories! drink plenty of water and unsweetened tea instead, coffee is fine, no more than 2tbs of cream, no sugar, adding cinnamon is fine.
  • keep it up 6 days a week, then ¬†you have a cheat day, which allows you to eat as much as you want of anything, including forbidden foods.
  • Start your diet 6 days before your cheat day.

Forbidden foods: fruits, diary, white carbohidrates or any that can be white, an example would be brown rice and white rice, both are on the black list.

* for the eggs, you can eat up to 5 egg whites mixed with 1 or 2 whole eggs for flavor.

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sounds like I might have a plan (4HB)

I got the ‘four hour body’ book and I think I will give it a try, I am even hopeful my hubby will want to give it a try with me since it’s not much of a diet but a lifestyle change, which allows you a cheat day a week and actually recommends to limit your work out to 3 times a week while you are focused on lowering your fat percentage.

From what I read the main modification for a breastfeeding mom is just adding more water, by the sounds of it I will have to keep supplementing with formula because it wouldn’t be healthy for a young infant to have just that, but my milk production was never enough so he is only getting breast milk as a snack really.

Another thing that is nice is that I will most likely wait a bit longer to do weights so I will not have to pay for gym quite yet, after the c-section I must admit I am a bit scared to do it, so light stretching every morning and the elliptical 3 times a week sound about right.

I am mentally preparing myself to see my husband get rid of the weight wayyy before I do, from what I read that is usually the case so at least I won’t get frustrated thinking it is not working, it will just take me longer, hopefully this means it will also take longer to gain the weight back!

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On April 24, 2014
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Food Journal

jueves, 17 de abril

9:30am orange juice1, cheetos1

12:30pm cheetos1

3:30pm oreos, milk

and then the day went to hell, had more junk food and the next few days I ate starch and all that stuff I am supposed to avoid… I “forgot” to type it down, deep down I was ashamed I am guessing!

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Food Journal

Miercoles, 16 de abril

6:50am slim fast (water), 2 prunes

9:00am ham1, bread1, egg1, mayo1

12:30pm corn2, butter2

3:30pm cereal (special K), marmalade1

7:30pm chicken breast, mustard, flour quesadilla, 3 prunes

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When love makes you fat

LilySlim - (5zix)

Let’s make it clear, I am not blaming my husband or the baby… but the side effects of them are not waist friendly, it’s amazing how trying to adapt to a new life can affect your weight, add pregnancy to the equation and I at least, lost control of my shape completely.

– oct/2012/60kg – I meet the man of my dreams +2kg

– feb/2013/62kg – We move in together and get married in the next few months +3kg

– july/2013/65kg – Honeymoon surprise! +3kg

– march/2014/99kg – they check my weight before the c-section, almost 3 digits…

that’s A LOT of love uh?

I lost 11kg with the birth, my baby was 4kg and there is the weight of the placenta, etc. A week after I lost 2 more kilos. That is it, baby is over a month and my weight is stuck at 86kg.

There are many factors that put me here, stress, schedules, pregnancy. I just realized that my husband does comfort eating and I have followed his steps, quite easy to do when the man can cook darn good southern food I had never had in my life… then again as a general rule american food seems to be pretty unhealthy.

Did I mentioned my dear husband cooked for me the entire pregnancy? I was feeling so sick all the time I didn’t have the energy to do it. He is a foot taller than me and when we met he was double my weight, yet he would serve me the same size portion than himself… before I knew it I was eating all of it.

I don’t know how much weight my love gained while I was pregnant but I dare to guess 20kg. I wish we could get in shape together but he is not exactly a team player when it comes to that… so my plan is to reject his food, I hope he understands.

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