Well, I made it through thanksgiving and only had one meal-one serving. The girls andDh’s and grandkids all were just great. We ate at copelands and it wasn’t even crowded. I didn’t weigh in till the following Sat and lost 3 pds! Then this week I lost another 3 pds. I was off my supplements and not nearly enough water -have hardly moved my body this last week. The thing is-DD and grandkids left the flu with us when they left. I loved having them all week-but boy oh boy have I been paying for all that fun ever since. I’m beginning to think that coughing and fever must burn extra calories because my stomach was not affected by the flu-cold? It’s now well over 2 wks since my 1st symptons- everyone else is over it- I just can’t seem to shake it. Though the fever has broken- joints are fine- now if only this sore throat- cough- cold part would just leave me be! My eyes are not burning so at least I can get back online for a little while. I just can’t make myself swallow suplements- except chocking down vit c, hoping it will help. I’m a little miffed I got sick when I was taking so many immune type supplements and eating healthy. Now I’m a little scared to see my DGK’s on Christmas. MY DS will drive us down there. I’m also praying nonstop for my littles angel-9 mo old- that has his soft spot closed too early- may need surgery-but worse- may be too late for surgery. We find out what will happen Dec 12th.

Another Week-Feeling Blue

It’s been a hard week, pain wise. I actually dread bedtime. I feel like I’m in this war with pain everynight. Sure it’s still there in the day-but I can breath through it better then- also so many more presure points are pressed on sleeping. So- Notanything new really since the weather changed-but last Sat. I woke up to a 3 pd loss- this week only one pd loss. I was so excited to reach that mini goal last week and my next mini goal of 50 pd loss was only 3 pds away. If anything I did better this week than last with my healthy eating plan. I realize that 1 pd is good- heck I’m still loosing every single week. That 2 pds will go. When? who knows?
Ok I admit the feeling blue started yesterday when I called my SIL up to chat. To find out-let’s see- she & my brother moved from thier home of 28 yrs ( sold outdoor furniture-decor and all- so explains why the last 2 times I stopped by there I didn’t realize they no longer live there )- Building a retirement home ( I LOL at her “downsizing” to a home where the 1st floor is 100 ft larger than my home-the 2nd floor doen’t count because they will close it off except when her kids come to visit)- Told me my other brother has moved back in with his xwife of many years and is drinking again ) So A lot of buttons where pushed for me just with that info-then she put’s me on hold to answer another line-I hear her talking with someone & realize she’s had some sort of cosmetic proceedure on her face, neck, chest that is haveing reaction- not telling me this- then comes on and says she’ll call me back. She never calls back. I feel like I did as a child- always being the last child picked when choosing sides. We use to be so close when our kids where growing up and I lived right behind the. I have 4 bros that never call me either. No falling out-are freindly if I run into them- but I might as well be the girl that was behing you in class 30 yrs ago. At least I still have my sisters- OK_One sister- the other seems close when I call- but she doesn’t call me. I had told myself for my own good- to just let it go- it’s not about me-it’s about them and thier priorities. But it still hurts that they NEVER call me -if I want to know anything I have to call them- heck If I hadn’t called the close sister I would never had known about my baby bros heart attact.
Well big hug to me- I have good friend and God’s love and I have 3FC. LOve and am loved by my husband, kids and grandkids. I guess a closer relationship with my brothers- and now SIL just isn’t in the cards. I didn’t overeat over this -but I did change meal plans to one of my fav’s- expensive-but still within calorie range. I went to bed thinking of what I can have “legally” today and that worries me- still using food to comfort myself. Well I’m off to a guided meditation on abundance-get my mind elsewhere.

I’m Obese. YEAH!!!

Who would be happy to be obese? Me. Last week- I was Morbidly Obese- now 4 months after beginning this journey I’m no longer Morbidly Obese. I lost 47 pds to get to this mini goal! Only 100 pds to go to BMI goal. I love counting backwards. Not only have I not cheated one time- but have gone downward on the scale every Sat. morning. HOO! RAA!!

The Heart Meditation

I’ve just finished my daily heart meditation and thought I’d share it with you. Very simple. Get comfortable. Place your right hand with your left hand over it-thumbs touching- in the center of your chest at nipple level. OK- If you are like me -where your nipples where 30 yrs ago. LOL! Now invite these 4 things into your heart with every breath. 1. Compassion 2. innate harmony (Peace in the midst of chaos) 3. Healing Presence 4 Unconditional Love. Put on soft music if you like. Keep repeating these for things in your mind . Then, halfway through the time you wish to meditate. Stop and ask that each of these, one by one be brought into your being at an even deeper level – the continue as long as you wish.
A great way to begin to love and heal yourself with compassion for yourself . Yes all of these are good to give to others- to be a peaceful, compassionate, loving healing presence. Yet we first need to heal ourselves. Very great for weightloss moral and stress- stress actually can attribute to weight gain. Enjoy.

Time, Weightloss and Supplements Raspberry Ketones & Green Coffee Beans

I don’t understand why it is so hard to actually complete a post here. I’m feeling really frustrated but will finnish what I started. A problem in the past. Between router and password problems it’s been hard to get back here. Sometimes no matter what your committment to daily writing is the forces that be may stop you in your tracks. Acceptence for what is, is a big part of me new life plan.

I started taking one 500mcg tablet of Chromium Picolinate a day 1 wk ago tommorrow. Even before when I weighed in on thursday early to find myself up a pd. That’s what I get for weighing in early!2 days later droped the extra Pound and 1 more to boot. That makes 17 pd loss in my 1st month. 10 the 1st 10 days, 3 the 2nd and 3rd wks and 1 last week.So 1-3 fat pds a week. I can hardly believe it’s been a month. As I was surfing the net for something totally not connected to health or weightloss and ended up watching a video of Dr. Oz about raspberry ketones and found myself ordering not only 3 bottles but also 2 bottles of green coffee bean extract. Once again, like old times, wanting to believe in miracles. It’s hard to believe Dr. Oz is scaming me-I was not thrilled with what others on 3FC wrote about it. They did convince me not to try all 3 at once. Good things where written about green coffee beans and the ” science” on both make since to me. So I guess I’ll be the guine pig . At my age why not? I’ll give each product a month and see what happens. I’ve already established a calorie-exercise base line and average weighloss for a month. I’ll be back each week with updates and monthly conclusions. I’ll let you know if I have any adverse effects. Or extra energy it’s reported to have.

I also have been drinking Dr. Millers Holy Tea since I began. It does a great cleansing job and truelly prevents me from feeling hungry or having physical cravings. I’m working through a feelings and food workbook on my emotional food cravings. I have stuck to my food plan from the very start, but I believe that is do to a combination of many weightloss tools. I consider the supplements to be another tool. What I eat within my 1,450 calorie count goes with the 90% fuel-10% joy philosophy. That 10 % does have sugar and carbs. I don’t count carbs, but compared to what I was eating before they are, like calories way down from whatt I use to consume. I “felt” better within 4 days of starting, as if a cloggy, fuzzy film had been removed. Much sharper, clearer. God and spirituality is the biggest part of this. I had prayed for God’s help in just making myself start and LO and Behold when a friend asked what I was doing for the Summer Soltice this year I “knew” this was my new beginning and God has been showing me the way ever since.

8/4/12: Started first week of Raspberry Ketone Supplement. I talked at length to the manufacturer. I really nice young lady-say’s she’s using it herself but just started. There turned out to be more than just Raspberry Ketones in the product I recieved. She says I should have ordered “Pure” if I wanted “pure Raspberry. That this product with other fruits, ect and caffanie (the ingriedent I called about) was suppose to be better for weightloss. We will see. My last 4 weeks I lost 9 pds total. 3 the first, 1 the second, 2 the third and 3 the fourth. I had between 1,100 & 1400 calories a day-5 meals. 4 bottles water, 3 cups herbal tea and 20 minutes exercise a day. I’m sticking to these counts for the next fout weeks so I can truely determine if the Raspberry K is working for me.

8/11/12: I lost 3 pds this my 1st wk. Same as last wk. so no difference there. I was so hoping for more. I’m witholding judgement to see if I loose over 9 pds at the end of the 4 weeks, but it’s hard to do so. I do have more energy, the caffeniene has not bothered me as I feared.Dr, Oz recommended 200 mg and this has 135.

8/25/12: It’s been 2 more weeks on the raspberry ketones and I can’t see any difference. Last week I lost 2 pds and 1 pd this week, which in reverse is exactly the same amount I lost in 3 wks without the raspberry ketones. Yes, I’m happy to loose any weight-and I’m not having any negative side effects. But Unless I loose 4 pds next week then I consider the Raspberry Ketones a wash for my body. At this point it’s really hard not to jump on over to the green coffee bean extract, but am determined to be fair about this.

9/1/12: OK. Official. Not happy with this paticular Raspberry Ketone product. Now It wasn’t “pure” had other weightloss stuff in it like Mango-reversatol, so it didn’t have as much actual raspberry as Dr. Oz recommended. I’m onto Green Coffee beans extract -pure this time and then I’ll decide if I want to try “pure Raspberry”. This week only loss 3/5th pd.
So Start weight for Green Bean Coffee is 251

Green Coffee Bean Month: Start at 251

9/8/12 247!! 4 pd loss!! I didn’t get to exercise this week or get my water all in due to the hurricane Isaac so maybe this green coffee stuff actually works! I am so excited!

9/15/12: 2 pd loss. Average it seems for me. Read about Dr. Oz update-have already ordered the correct Green Coffee beans but will wait until out of ones I have-because they did work last week.

9/15/12 Green Coffee Bean Update

This was my 2nd week on the Green Coffee Bean Extract. I lost 2 pds this week, About a average loss for me. Not bad, but not 4 like last week. The brand I’m using is Blue Diamond. It was not one of the 2 that Dr. Oz talked said were the only good ones his staff found online. But I did loose the most I ever lost in one week last week- so I decided to go ahead and finnish out the 2 wks I have left then start and compare with the the Genesis Today that was recommended. I had to read about the show because it’s the one episode the local station didn’t cover. I only got to exercise twice this week due to painful joints.

A Day Off

A Day off babysitting that is. My DH and I have spent the last week filling in as babsitter at my DD’s home 45 min from here while her National Guard hubby is off helping others in NOLA and south. I’m happy to report he’s fine. Glad they moved him up to NO from the flooding areas he was working in. He’s just picking up falling limbs off streets now. This week has been joy filled with babies but very tiring. My knees are in big time pain right now. I only lost 3/5ths of a pd. on Sat. weigh in. VERY BIG Disappointment. Darn. It looks like just keeping calorie count isn’t enough. As much as I’ve enjoyed Mikey and Keir I’m looking forward to getting back on schedule-water- exercise- SLEEP! Come home soon Joe.

A Pleasant Sunday

Even though I was up very late last night-morning reading ” Zeitoun”, I woke up feeling really refreshed and in a good mood. A little blues period seems to have passed. As ate breakfast I watched Oorah’s soul sunday show- very uplifting and about a movie with a lot of “Katrina” in it just like the past 3 books I’ve read-my NOLA and different hurricans starring. The Saints Game so inspired me I started my own Football Challenge over on 100+. After exercise, meditation and reading i watched on PBS a show with Daniel Amen how we can reverse brain damage-aging and improve it. That really gave me more incentave with my new health plan. I can’t believe after a nice long bath with Adyashanti in hand I can starit here and forgot supper!! Now that is a first. I really must eat a little something – that 4-5 mini meals keeps me strait. Later Allagator

Two Months-28 pds

I passed my 2 month onplan August the 21st. As of today with this weeks measly pound I’ve lost 28 pds. I’ve never once gone over my calorie count or under my water count. For the last 6 wks since I began exercising I’m at about 90%. I pulled a muscle in my back last week and repulled it this week lifting my grandson up. So I missed about 4 days total with that. So here I am. I admit I had hoped for more. I just don’t seem to be able to loose as quickly as I once could-Age did catch up with me after all. Perhaps slow is the best way to stay the course all my life. I’m happy with my food choices. I rarely feel like I’m missing out on favorite food any more. If I could avoid Tv adds and listening to friends and family talk about food I probably wouldn’t crave at all. But, this is the real world I have to live in and learn how to deal in.

What you believe is who you are.

This is section 4 from Brook Castillo’s book. ” If I’m so smart why can’t I loose weight?.
I’ve now done belief tools 3-6 and will highlight them here before I go onto belief no. 6 ‘s own page.
Belief tool no 3 is:We need to change belief systems to change our lives~ In it we learn “That the worst thing that can ever happen is a negative belief that things should be different than they are” I try to live my life in the present and yet so often find myself at this age remembering the past-some I love, some I don’t-yet I know it all led me here. I spent so much of my life wishing things were different. I think many if not most do. I remember as I child I couldn’t wait for …. . But when …… came i’d be wishing for the next to come. When you see your years slipping by so quickly you hold on dearly to each moment of the present with your loved ones . I want those grandbabies to stay little as long as possible-I want my kids-esp my daughters to relish every bit of thier lives- even they crying abay you can’t figure what the heck he wants- he’ll be talking soon enough. Believe me.So even as I look forward to a thinner healthier me I am concentrating on the joy of NOW, fat and painful knees included. Petting Penny, Chatting with friends and family and new 3Fc friends, Kissing DH-sharing our precious time that who knows how long is left? But really then who does even if your are in your 20’s instead of your 6o’s? It’s just having lived this long you know how fast it can seem to go by. I started my new health plan and 3Fc 2 mo. ago -well an hour from now. It truelly feels like yesterday. I think staying so intouch with myself through these forums-blogs and workbooks and daily food-and life journaling has kept me in the now so much better than when I was “trying” to BE In The Now as Eckart Tolle taught me.
Ok that was way more than I planned to go on about.
Belief tool 4: If you don’t like what you are feeling change your belief.
Belief tool no 5: Beieving That you are internally rather than externally controlled. A Fav quote from this is ” If your happiness depends on what someone else does or doesn’t do, you are going to be unhappy a lot of the time. “