Last night I managed to eat a healthy dinner of a small chicken enchilada, did 30 minutes on my elliptical while watching King of Queens and Part of The New Adventures of Old Christine (I am a sucker for sit coms) and avoided both alcohol and late night eating.  I did not get a chance to try the man clamps on my elliptical as my dear guy did not come home before my workout and he gets very cranky when I dig through his garage.  Perhaps later today?

Today is shaping up well too.  Thanks to those of you who offered up comments yesterday!  If I knew how to subscribe to the RSS Feeds I surely would.  I hope to have some time to figure it out this weekend.  I found a couple of blogs here yesterday that echo my sentiments and almost mirror my issues.  I feel like I’ve found some invisible dieting partner friends, so thank you for taking the time to comment on my post! 

One blog that particularly interested me has it’s author making it a goal of losing 5 lbs per month.  That’s the kind of inspiration that I sorely lack.  My problem has been that I will work very hard at diet and exersize, to the point that I find myself losing weight very quickly (and as we all know, unhealthily) and falling off the wagon.  Making small goals of losing 5 lbs per month would put me in a very attractive bikini by next summer and I think I will join the mysterious blogger’s invisible 5lb team.

I am inspired and confident.  I’m planning on making my weekly weigh in day on Friday, but for the record, this morning I weighed 186.4.  Here’s to only seeing smaller numbers from here on.  My goal for October 1 is 181.4!

Things that could potentially ruin a diet day….

1.  18 year old step daughter who likes to run around with a chip on her shoulder, ask me for advice or just life questions in general, then proceeds to argue to death my answers.  I will strive to not argue and to remember what it was like to be that age.  I will also not allow my anger and frustration to lead me into eating ice cream, peanut butter sandwiches and cookies at midnight. 

2.  My dear man, who despite his best intentions often has a bad day in his contractor’s world.  When this happens, he will come home mixing up Vodka Crans.  I will do my best to avoid beginning this behavior prior to his arrival at home (as sometimes is the case when I have the bad day) and avoid having more than one during the week if I cannot will myself to not participate.  I will also make sure to have Diet Tonic Water on hand so that I can avoid filling myself with Cranberry Juice calories in a worst case scenario.

3.  Being too rigid in my program.  I will invite myself into the idea that one cheat day per week is acceptable.  Perhaps I will make it on Saturdays.  This way my cravings for cheeseburgers and fancy cocktails are set into a specific day, never too far away to reach.

4. Exercize Burn Out-  Often I will do the same workout throughout my dieting program, until I burn out on it and quit altogether.  I will supplement the convenience of my bedroom elliptical machine with fun stuff like hiking with friends, Zumba class, Yoga Bootie Ballet, Tai Bo and my newest workout plan, C25K, even though I hate running, I should give it a try.


Have a great day and again, thank you to my new found dieting friends.  It’s nice to not really meet you.  Thank you for being interested enough to read my posts and for sharing my journey : )


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  1. Irony – I weighed in at 186.5 this morning 🙂 Can’t wait to see what we weigh on October 1!!! And I love the idea of seeing lower numbers from now on! I sometimes tell myself… at this moment I am the heaviest I am ever going to be… because it is all downhill from here – in a good way!

    And I have been meaning to start up C25K too – I did it for about 4 or 5 weeks a few years ago and did great, but then stopped for some reason. I know running will just MELT the pounds off, so I need to just DO IT! Glad to have someone to do it along with! Have you started yet?

  2. The only start I’ve made on C25K is printing it out. How about Monday? I am very happy to have you as a partner…. Looking forward to October 1st : )

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