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It’s awkward weighing yourself naked. May 6, 2012

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(3/13/12) I have lost fifteen, I repeat fifteen pound! Here’s the story, maybe six weeks I stepped onto a scale for the first time in about a year. My family has never owned a scale, and when I got weighed at the doctors I usually found an amazing thing to look at on the wall that magically distracted me from the scale…. 😉 I have recently moved into a new home and and I have a roommate that is very body obsessed, hence the ginormous scale in the bathroom. After a few days I finally decided to get onto the scale. I stepped on and the needle just kept going, and going, and going… I literally jumped off the scale (my exercise for the day) before the needle stopped.  I had a rough idea about how much I weighed, but when I realized I was twenty pounds or more over my guess, I was truly shocked. I really thought about it, lately I have not loved my body(okay, I never have.)  and I have been wanting to loose weight but I was never motivated. The last times I have lost weight I don’t think it was really for me, I just didn’t want to be the fattest at school(not the best motivation) Seeing my weight really set a fire under me. I was ready to loose weight because I want to be happy and confident, that was such a huge step! I started to watch what I ate, tracking calories. After a few weeks of starving, just kidding, not really. I decided to do weight watchers on my own. I calculated how many points I get and I downloaded an app (itrackbites, a weight watchers knock off!)  Within the start of calculating points I have lost three weight watchers points(less you weigh less points you get daily). I feel lighter, my jeans fit better, and I can get my Spanx on without loosing my breath(well, I did get a few sizes too small to suck in everything!) This new house I moved into has stairs(never lived in a house with stairs) I got out of breath and could barley make it up without panting at the top(just proves how overweight I was/am!)  I zoom up them much faster and with less heavy breathing. I still have a long way to go, but I’m focusing on small goals! When I used to watch The biggest loser (usually while eating ice cream or raw brownie mix) and they always said “if I can do it, you can too!” I hated that! But you have to want to change and you have to do it for yourself not for anybody else! If I can give up Ben and Jerry’s cold turkey and switch to skinny cow, YOU CAN TOO! (eww, I sound like one of those people who is selling you diet pills.) I love curvy women, a real figure, and I have to be realistic that my body was not made to be a size zero, nor would I want to be. My goal weight on the BMI chart is considered “overweight”, but I know with my body that’s a realistic goal and it will be the first time since I got my license that my weight might match with license weight! In my opinion the BMI chart is off, I’m 5’8 and with DD bra my breast add an extra 10-15 pounds, (I can’t control that! I also hope I don’t loose too much of fat from that area!) I don’t think the BMI chart accounts for natural assets in woman. So I’m going to strive for my goal weight and be happily “overweight!”


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