Why have full-fat woe when you can have Fat-Free Zen?

So you haven’t heard from me in a while. My second and third weeks were total disasters, gaining back the 4 lbs I lost and adding another .6 to it between my cousin’s wedding madness and just plain laziness. I was eating whole Stouffer’s family size mac-n-cheese from the box (5 cups of 250 cal/11 gms fat per cup, just fyi). Not proud of that. What I am proud of is that I’m starting this week off with major motivation. I literally just finished an hour of Zumba with my mom (granted it was an hour of instructional exercise, but it was enough to leave me panting, dripping, and having to gulp down Powerade because I hadn’t eaten in a few hours before doing strenuous exercise) and did 30 min of cardio and 45 min of strength training at the gym yesterday, along with eating still slightly too large and unhealthy but insanely better meals. For example, I’m at my parents, and no one wanted to cook so I volunteered to go grab pizza. Yes, it was Stuffed Crust and cheese bread, BUT instead of 3 sticks of bread and 4 slices of pizza, just 2 sticks and 2 slices with lots of water and I was good. It was also loaded with veggies and some chicken, so I’m hoping to wean myself down to a Hand-Tossed or thin crust soon, because thinking about the cheesy crust now is making me nauseous.

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So if you look at my food journal, I hit over 3400 calories today and no exercise, and this is from stress. Not the normal, my homework’s not done, I have a project, I’m out of money stress. No, I’m not that lucky. I was in the doctor’s office for 3 hours today waiting for blood test results because my blood platelet count has been consistently high for over a year. So in a student health center during the slowest semester all year long with maybe two or three people coming in an hour, I was kept out in the waiting room for 3 sessions of forty-five minutes, trying not to flip the fuck out. I honestly thought I had leukemia and was trying to work chemotherapy into my fall schedule in my head. Finally, after being at the doctor’s for three hours, she comes in and says they’ll give me a call later. OMFG! Could you not have said that sooner, when I had to fast for bloodwork and I’m working off less than two hours of sleep? So I leave, get an unhealthy lunch, and go home and try to sleep. I dozed between 3 and 5 (the second I put my head on the pillow, everyone wants to call me for some reason) and finally slept from 5 to 10, which is why I’m wide awake right now.
I did end up hearing from the doctor to schedule another appointment for me to be referred to a hematologist. I’m terrified and pissed. I’ve had this for over a year, it’s not elevated by much, only 420-475 (normal is 140-400) every time I’ve had bloodwork which is on the low end since people with real problems are in the 600-900 range, I feel like I’m ok. But no, I have to go to a specialist, and considering I’ve had two heart surgeries before, specialists suck. Nothing good comes from seeing a specialist. I just hope they give me a damn pill and call it a day. So that’s why my food journal is a train wreck today.

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So I got on the scale just to see how I was doing, I still have 200-600 cals left for the day, over half my fat and I’m close to getting all my fiber, plus I’ve been to the gym twice this week. Lo and behold, down 2.4 lbs to 324.2! Crazy excited about that, it’s only been 3 days and I’m already feeling some differences (most noticeably an ache in my left side lol).

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Ok, so I got my test results from Friday back (finally), and no high cholesterol or diabetes! They said my blood platelet count was high so they want me to go back in this Friday to do it again. I wish I knew what that meant but whatever, still fantastic news.

Another victory is that I needed to head to the store but I really didn’t have anything for quick breakfast, so I hit Subway. It was after breakfast time but I got a chicken sub on whole grain wheat with cheese and veggies and fat free sauce. My favorite sub in the world is tuna on Italian herbs and cheese with pepper jack cheese and lots of Southwest sauce, but I’m sure you can imagine how incredibly unhealthy that is. I’m happy with what I got. Oh, and if you ever get the chance to hit Subway for breakfast, get the Western on wheat with egg whites and pepper jack toasted, it’s amazing!

So going to take a little nap before doing my homework for class tonight, I still have to do my hour of cardio, so I think I’ll have to call off movie night tonight with Amanda and set up the Wii to do it. I love my Wii, I can jog, do step, hula hooping, boxing, whatever I feel like, and it HURTS! I imagine at the end of the week I will feel really sore but I’ve been assured that it’ll get better. I’ve never felt so excited about making these changes before, I guess that’s how you feel when you’re not doing it alone (my good friend Megan is meeting me MWF at the school gym to do strength training and cardio, much nicer than going by myself).

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So good news indeed: did my workout today, the strength training, stretching, the cardio, every bit of it I have done. It was hard, now that I’m at almost 327 lbs it’s certainly not easy, but I have someone who’s meeting with me 3 times a week so I have the accountability on my side. This is how it’ll be for the rest of the summer, I’m not sure if I’ll try to keep going to the school gym in the fall because it’s so damn crowded. Right now all the treadmills are open all the time, but that won’t last long come August. So I have to decide whether to get up at 5:45 to be at the gym by 6:15 am to keep using the free gym, where I only get 1 personal training session every 4-6 weeks, or go to another not free gym, shovel out about $4500 a year for personal training and whatever other fees the gym will charge. It’s not an easy decision, and if you all have any ideas please feel free to pipe in anytime.

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