Core Balance Diet WORKS!

6/24/11 – Another one bit the dust – 191 two days in a row! 1 more to 20 lbs down.   Hot yoga and detox did it!  I don’t have a class near me, but I “heat up” in the sauna and then exercise, then “heat up” again before leaving. I took two yoga classes this week too (after heating up.) Plus I’ve been drinking lemon water every morning, and green tea all day long. Those two came from The 17 Day Diet and the Core Balance diet. I just found these books and I’m really enjoying the Core Balance – she teaches total body/mind/spirit balance for weight loss.

Here’s the jist of it:

  • Lemon water upon rising. Protein rich breakfast 1 hour later.
  • Balanced meals with every meal high protein – high veggie – very low grains.
  • Drink green tea before every meal. (I’ve been drinking it all day long as iced tea.)
  • BREATHE – RELAX – Every time I’m stressed (which is multiple times daily) I stop and breathe deeply into the diaphram – releasing the breath slowly through the nose. Think positive thoughts or nothing at all, repeat as needed until the moment passes.
  • BREATING EXERCISES to get the lymph system working. Deep diaphram breath – release in short HARD blows through the nose. (You’ll have to read her book to understand why this is absolutely necessary for weight loss.)
  • DON’T eat anything sugar – starch – fried etc.. NOTHING – no bites, morsels or tastes. NaDa. One bite does me in and I’m all over it. So I personally have to completely eliminate these. (Not that I have, but I should!)

Update:  6/26/11 – 190 yesterday and 189 today!!  So, this is incredibly amazing!  Finally broke through the 3 month plateau and it’s moving again (the scale that is.)  I haven’t even started on her menus yet (just seemed like too little food) and here I am – not even a whole week later and I’ve lost 3 lbs!  That’s with just following the breathing exercises, upping protein at breakfast and lunch, drinking lemon water and green tea, and I switched from sucralose to stevia.  I am amazed and thrilled!

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  1. Hi Gwen,

    Thank you for your comments today on my blog. They gave me a good chuckle and I was relieved you were not sucked into the boob vortex resulting in their image being seared into your mind! Of course that might have helped with the weight loss, eh?

    Such great news breaking out a 3 month plateau. That must have taken some strong will to power thru it and not get downtrodden. Good luck the rest of the way down!

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