Eating Clean

11/5/12 – Update on eating clean — it works!  I feel so healthy now, no more cravings/binging!!  I’m still doing yoga (almost daily) and exercizing (almost daily).  Recently added lifting weights to my HIIT cardio workouts.  Down 44 lbs total with 30 more to go.  I’m certain that I’ll reach my goal before my next birthday.

5/11/11 – I started the “Eat Clean” diet yesterday and today I woke up full of energy! Awake and out of the bed at 6am – quite an accomplishment for me, and I’ve done my yoga and now I’m ready to go into work and face the day. WooHoo!

Improving – 3/25/11

Down to 195 on Tuesday morning.

I’ve improved on my eating since “the big binge”, but I haven’t stayed on plan with exercising. Another mini-binge two nights ago. Last night was ok, I ate a bit extra dinner, but resisted all sweets. I sail through the days now without thoughts of overeating, binging, craving sweets; but at night, sitting on the sofa… that’s when the thoughts start. “eat…eat…eat”. I think that I eat when I’m worried or upset about something. I use food to escape from painful thoughts, but I need to remember that it is very painful to be fat. Much more painful to be fat. It’s embarassing to go out in public. Going out to eat is the worst. Today there’s a family gathering and I’ll be the “fat” one.

I need to read Body for Life again and actually create response cards to have on hand. Maybe I should print that bikini shot and tape it to the snack cabinet too.

White Chicken Chili and Cornbread

1 lb ground chicken
1 can fire roasted tomatoes
1 can diced chili peppers
2 cans white kidney beans (drained and rinsed well)
1 can corn kernels (drained)
1 jar salsa verde – about 1 cup (with jalepenos or habenaros if you like it hot!)
1 small vadalia onion – chopped (about 3/4 cup)
1 yellow pepper – cored & chopped
1 cup vegetable stock (low sodium)
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp celery salt
2 tsp minced garlic
1 tbsp perfect pinch Cajun – by McCormick
1 tbsp sugar (yep)
Salt to taste (and more seasonings to taste)
1/2 cup wheat germ or hummus, or 2 tbsp corn starch stired into 1/4 cup vegetable stock (thickeners)

Carmelize onion and put aside
add evoo to pot and brown the chicken – add to onions on side
place yellow pepper in pot and steam until softened
Add salsa, vegetable stock and seasonings – stir well and bring to boil.
reduce heat to low and add the onion and chicken – stir well
add beans – stir well, cover and simmer for 30 minutes, stirring often
10 minutes into simmer taste the broth and add seasonings if needed.
15 minutes into simmer add wheat germ, hummus or corn starch as needed to thicken chili.

I serve this with jalepeno cheese cornbread:
1 box Krusteaz white corn bread mix + 1 tsp onion powder (prepare as on box)
after preparing the mix add 1/2 jar sliced jalepeno peppers (drained & rinsed well)
add 1 cup shredded Mexican blend cheese
mix lightly – spread out evenly in pan
top with sprinkling of cheese and a few more jalepeno’s to make it pretty.
bake at 400 for 20 min.


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Core Balance Diet WORKS!

6/24/11 – Another one bit the dust – 191 two days in a row! 1 more to 20 lbs down.   Hot yoga and detox did it!  I don’t have a class near me, but I “heat up” in the sauna and then exercise, then “heat up” again before leaving. I took two yoga classes this week too (after heating up.) Plus I’ve been drinking lemon water every morning, and green tea all day long. Those two came from The 17 Day Diet and the Core Balance diet. I just found these books and I’m really enjoying the Core Balance – she teaches total body/mind/spirit balance for weight loss.

Here’s the jist of it:

  • Lemon water upon rising. Protein rich breakfast 1 hour later.
  • Balanced meals with every meal high protein – high veggie – very low grains.
  • Drink green tea before every meal. (I’ve been drinking it all day long as iced tea.)
  • BREATHE – RELAX – Every time I’m stressed (which is multiple times daily) I stop and breathe deeply into the diaphram – releasing the breath slowly through the nose. Think positive thoughts or nothing at all, repeat as needed until the moment passes.
  • BREATING EXERCISES to get the lymph system working. Deep diaphram breath – release in short HARD blows through the nose. (You’ll have to read her book to understand why this is absolutely necessary for weight loss.)
  • DON’T eat anything sugar – starch – fried etc.. NOTHING – no bites, morsels or tastes. NaDa. One bite does me in and I’m all over it. So I personally have to completely eliminate these. (Not that I have, but I should!)

Update:  6/26/11 – 190 yesterday and 189 today!!  So, this is incredibly amazing!  Finally broke through the 3 month plateau and it’s moving again (the scale that is.)  I haven’t even started on her menus yet (just seemed like too little food) and here I am – not even a whole week later and I’ve lost 3 lbs!  That’s with just following the breathing exercises, upping protein at breakfast and lunch, drinking lemon water and green tea, and I switched from sucralose to stevia.  I am amazed and thrilled!

Exercises for Chest – Bringing the Girls Home!

I just posted this as advice for a 20 something, but I need to remember where I’ve come from too.  Just 6 months of these exercises has made a huge difference in my efforts to bring the girls back into proper position.  KEEP IT UP GIRL!

Chest exercises work. If you can’t get to a gym just buy some 5, and 10 lb weights and an exercise ball to start. Even before you do that you can start by doing push-ups. Adjust the width of your hands to reach all parts of your chest. If you can’t push up from the floor then do wall push-outs with your toes almost arms length from the wall. (adjust distance until you can feel muscles in your chest working.) Then – pick up a 10 lb weight and do tricep extensions – both bent over at the waist AND seated with weight held behind your head.

In all exercises go for the full range of motion for 2-3 sets, then 3 sets of partial range slow pulses at 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of full extension. You’ll want to feel the muscles in ALL areas of your chest – beneath the boobs, above them, and up into your shoulders and under your arms even. Move your arms in slightly different positions to work every single micro-muscle in there! Hands close and at boob level, then out as far as you can reach – and every 2″ inbetween… then hands up the wall 3-4 inches and repeat until you get to shoulder height. (same moves on the floor, ball, or workout bench too.)

After you buy weights (or at the gym) do chest, tricep, bicep and shoulder presses SLOWLY to build up muscle and bring the girls back up there! Really FEEL all the different muscles working as you s-l-o-w-l-y press through each rep. Even with bicep curls and tricep extensions you’ll feel your chest muscles working hard! THEN work upper & mid back to support whats going on up front

Go to and buy Jillian Michaels “Hot Bod” workout cards. She explains how to do all the exercises on small cards you can carry to the gym. Her method – one I love for weight loss – is circuit training – fast and furious building muscles as you lose. Works great to lose – BUT for building up the chest and bringing the girls home – go slow..

Remember slow to build, fast to lose AND follow the usual rules – use PERFECT Form – and work the chest only every other day.

Monthly Weigh-ins

01/04/11 = 210
02/01/11 = 205
03/01/11 = 199
04/05/11 = 195
05/03/11 = 193
06/01/11 = 194
07/01/11 = 189
08/01/11 = 186
09/01/11 = 181
Coasted for a while…
06/01/12 = 186
07/02/12 = 184
08/02/12 = 181
09/02/12 = 177

10/12/12 = 168 YAY!

11/05/12 = 166

Looking Back – past posts on 3fc

01/20/11 – I’m surrounded by my husbands munchies (we work together.) It’s only been about a week now that I have found the answer to not reaching over for a little snack every hour or so. APPLES – they really fill you up and the fiber keeps munchies at bay. Also – eat a good protein for breakfast and lunch. Keeps you full longer than cereal or plain salad.

I found this quote on another post and LOVE IT…

“I have never, ever, not even one time regretted not eating something. Never. Not once. Turns out telling yourself no feels marvelous. No deprivation passing up on *those foods*. The deprivation is EATING them and remaining overweight. You’ve got to raise your standards; requiring more from yourself. Challenge yourself. Push yourself. Work past the discomfort. Every time you do it, it gets easier and easier.” – Rockinrobin

 01/21/11 – Stayed up too late last night and got hungry, which happens every 3-4 hours anyway so I thought it would be ok to eat something healthy. I ate 1/2 a chicken breast and then nibbled on pistachios while talking to my husband. Had a cup of tea and went to bed at midnight.This morning I’m not hungry!! so… it’s almost 11am and I haven’t eaten yet… LOVING this! It’s been so long since I’ve actually felt “hungry” because my days are usually filled with constant snacking on non-healthy foods, insulin spikes, consequential cravings, more non-healthy snacks.

I’ve been trying to make my “snacks” heavy on protein or veggies and light on carb and fat. Low and behold it works! The breaks have been put on my insulin spikes and it’s easier to resist starchy carbs and sugars.

Is a calorie a calorie? NO – Empty calories have little nutritional value, and little if any fiber, they don’t keep your metabolism on an even keel like healthy foods do. Therefore 500 calories of starch/fat/sugar does not have the same effect as 500 calories of healthy food. Healthy foods – protein/fiber/healthy fats – build strong bodies and keep cravings at bay.

?02/05/11 – 


Last night I went straight from work to the gym and fought through knee pain to stay on the elliptical for 23 minutes (burned 211 cal – seemed like a lot more sweat and pain than 211 cal) Then, instead of leaving as I have been, I jumped on the arm and leg machines for another 20. Just kept going to another machine until all parts were hit and feeling worked. Definitely worth the extra 20 minutes! It felt SOOOOO good!Then I went home and ate a pack of frozen green beans w/slivered almonds, 2 morning star tomato basil burgers with 1 slice cheese (totally satisfies pizza cravings)

My daughter came over with movie and we had ONE dove bar each (chocolate dipped chocolate goodness – 250 cal.)

Still at 204 this morning – but proud of myself and feeling good after the exercize and healthy choices last night. One day at a time.

No nuts or ice cream today!!



Joined a 2nd gym today!

We’ve been hearing about the Rush and wanted to try it out.  Today we joined.  Both of us have memberships at other gyms, but this one is special.  Great music, LOTS of machines – you can hit every micro muscle on the body!  And, for me, it has a steam room and a lap pool, and a jacuzzi (Walt has all those at the Y)  We really worked out hard today… I feel SO GOOD!

Uggggghhhhh!!! Late night binging!

I didn’t watch what I was eating last night AT ALL. OK, I watched it going in, and in, and in again… bits of this – bites of that… WHY?

I told myself to stop, but it just kept eating anyway.  I was making macaroni salad for Jasmynes party, so of course I had to taste, taste, taste to get it right.  Then I ate another fajita burrito even though I had already eaten at 5:30 and was NOT hungry – just wanted to TASTE it again.   I told myself NO, but ate anyway. 

 Then the mindless munching began around 10pm (as usual)  2 Dove chocolates, cranberry/nut mix,  on and on bite by bite.  I was so full when I went to bed at 11 that I still feel full and sick this morning. And I’m SO ANGRY at myself!  Aside from the scale being up 5 lbs from yesterday morning I’m just feeling like a discusting PIG.

Yesterday had been such a good start – 45 minutes of intense HIIT on the treadmill followed by 30 minutes of leg training.  I felt SO good, SO strong and proud of myself for pushing through on the treadmill.  It was great to finally add running into my routine, and cross over footwork… felt 20 again!

I’m getting so strong and full of energy.  WHY do I go on mindless binge runs?  WHY????  Why do I want to sabotage myself???