Chili anyone??

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Not much into mixing up ingredients since I am very particular about weighing everything. Yep, for most meals I use digital scales and weigh out my portions of lean meat and vegetables. Sometimes I’ll weigh my fruit but usually it has to be measured or guessed for a “serving size”. I have yet to find a list as to weight portions of fruit and nutritional facts by such.

I am actually anxious for lunch, which I got up and made this morning of course. I put 8 oz of tomatoes and peppers together and cooked them for a bit, added my chopped 4 oz of turkey breast and 1/4 cup of black beans (carb) with some water and texas chili powder then cooked it some more. I have my sea salt handy in case it needs a smidge but it sure looks, and smells, good anyways. Chili anyone?? We’ll see…. I typically don’t mix a bunch of stuff together into a soup like this but maybe, if it turned out, that could be my new “thing”. Considering that I always cook for ONE maybe even start a recipe file – “Dieting on your own”. I understand how difficult it must be for people living alone for shopping and preparing purposes and know first-hand how it is trying to lose weight in a family that still eats whatever they want – and I still cook it for them! GRRR! It’s just cruel sometimes. 

I enjoy cooking and baking but it makes me feel bad sometimes serving, or allowing, my family to eat some of the stuff they consume.  I have become the food police – in my head only.  It never helped me to hear people telling me to not eat this, don’t eat that, are you going back for seconds, etc.  You probably know some of those remarks.  No one knows what it feels like on the receiving end of remarks like that unless it’s you.  Anyways, since I choose not to eat certain foods anymore I really try to block out what other people are eating so as not to be tempted.  If I don’t acknowledge what people are eating around me and I have made good choices for me on my plate then I will not compare, envy or want what they are having.  It’s not so easy when it comes to the smell of certain foods – bakery items, pizza, popcorn and stuff like that.  I try not to eat anything prepared and have done pretty good so far.  It doesn’t do me any good to say anything to anyone else what they are eating because it is their choice what to put in their body.  They have to have their own awareness and live with the consequences, good or bad, by what they eat and nurish their bodies with.  I’m not perfect by any means but I have learned what works and what doesn’t and know how great I feel now without any prescriptions and only a trace amount of man made chemicals in foods being put into my body. 

I am doing it for me!


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