HUNGRY!!! What’s for supper?

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I know! I know!  I get asked quite often by many people as to what I eat.  Typically it’s the same general stuff that is easy and tasty.  I make up my own recipes based on what I have available usually.  I eat pretty much whole foods consisting of fresh or frozen vegetables and some fruit along with white meats – usually turkey or chicken breast, albacore tuna, rarely pork loin, and a real treat is a lean steak.

Tonight’s menu (for me-family has a function at which they’ll eat a bunch of stuff I would never consider eating again) will consist of the following that was prepared last night.  Yep, leftovers for me, but prepared!!

Italian veggies: zuchinni, squash, brocoli, cauliflower and peppers cut, seasoned with a packet of dry Italian dressing seasoning cooked.

Turkey burger: (this time) ground turkey breast mixed with a little soy powder, an egg, and Bragg’s amino acids placed in skillet as patties, sprinkled with dry ranch powder and lightly dusted with non-processed (raw) sea salt.

Homemade tortillas: (my new biggest kick!!) This changes up depending on mood but I will throw in a bunch of flours, etc.. Some corn flour, soy flour, sesame seeds, quinoa flakes or flour, whole wheat flour, etc.  I keep a container mixed so I just have to grab some mix and use desired amount for fresh off the griddle tortillas.  I use a couple of spoons at a time in a coffee cup and combine with some water to make a pretty thick batter, almost dry, about a 2:1 ratio. Place  a ball in between a plastic bag with edges cut off and press in a tortilla press, with rolling pin, skillet or whatever you have.  Place on a hot non-stick griddle and cook till desired crispiness.  Variations: I have mixed in parmesean cheese with garlic, cheddar, rosemary, basil, and other spices.  One of my favorites is a little sugar substitute (use your favorite) and cinnamon!!  Eat plain or use some butter spray or Walden Farms Pancake syrup (another must have in the fridge!).  Like I said, I’ve gone crazy experimenting.  All have been yummy.

Yep!  Officially hungry now. 

Please let me know if you try to make some tortillas and what other nutritious or delicious combinations that you like.

Besides sharing my supper plans, life is going well.  Staying focused and back on track.  I wasn’t to happy to go home last night to cupcakes in the oven but I survived.  Some stuff I do take a bite of and spit it out but a cupcake wasn’t even worth that!  Yeah… gotta say that life has changed for sure.  My next “big” goal for myself is to lose 184 pounds which will be half of where I started.  I’ve gone through milestones of “losing” my youngest daughter, my oldest daughter, numerous friends, and almost my husband, just a few pounds away.  Won’t that be just CRAZY to say that I have lost myself? I will actually be half the person that I used to be!  Whew…. Hard concept to accept but thankful for sure.  I am finally doing it!!  I’m doing it for me:). 




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  1. sunnydayz on June 22, 2012 7:04 am

    What a great idea to make your own tortillas, I never even thought of doing that. Nothing like FRESH! I love how you talk about putting yourself first, that’s what I’m learning to do, it seems odd after years of taking care of children. Thanks for your comments on my blog, it helps to hear from someone who’s been there. 🙂

  2. gum232 on June 22, 2012 11:01 am

    Interesting attempt this morning….
    I used a couple of spoons of my “mix” and put it in my personal blender (kinda like a bullet) with an egg, two eggs whites, a little vanilla protein and water. Made my hub pancakes and my own version. They were a little thin but tasty. The only thing was that there were 7 of them and I had to eat them all. Sometimes it’s really hard to put all the nutrients into my body that it needs.

    Yeah, it’s hard to do but you have to put yourself first! I was in the routine of listening to what everyone else said to do, doing things for everyone else and forgetting completely about myself. NO MORE! If I don’t want to commit to something – I don’t! Simple as that. I strive to make healthy choices for my physical body by what I eat so why not strive to make healthy choices for my
    mental and emotional well-being?

    No one can do it for you:). Guess that’s one thing I really have learned is that there’s absolutely no one to “blame” but myslef and that I am solely responsible for me and my body, oh, and that I am worth putting myslef first too!

    When a person is ready to lose excess weight, or break bad habits, and wants it bad enough, it can happen.

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