The Reflection

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The poet in me came out to play. Enjoy what I wrote for you today!


The Reflection

by: Heather Gum

I looked in the mirror and who did I see?

A stranger, not familiar, looking back at me.

Once large and unhealthy who struggled to get around –

In the reflection I looked, but she could not be found.

The discomfort and embarrassment of years gone by

I looked at the image and tried not to cry.

The weight had to GO for a rebirth of ME

To become the person I was meant to be.

I’m sorry dear body what I put you through

Forgive me I didn’t know what to do.

Countless plans and attempts were made to lose

Exclusion diets, extremes, many “here’s what to do”s.

The “health style” I choose to feed my body now

Is lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies prepared somehow.

The energy I had was absolutely nil at the start

Now I try to move when I can, it’s so good for my heart.

This foreigner that’s been living inside of me…

She was there the whole time living in misery.

I set out on this passage – to love myself again

“I am important” – that’s where to begin!

You can do it, keep going, are you sure of that bite?

Self-talk and encouragement helps through the fight.

If “the food” didn’t help to get you where you were

It won’t help to get you to where you prefer.

There’s focus and obsession to balance between

Stay on the edge and soon results can be seen.

Ask for help from those who love you, they do.

They want you to be healthy and live longer too.    

Look what has happened! In the reflection I see…

I’m finally doing it! I’m doing it for ME!



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