I volunteer to be the face of the once obese people!

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Keeping on keeping on……..

Nearly 10 months I’ve been on this journey, through a passage with many revelations and triumphs, to aspire to hit a goal by the end of the year. I’m on the verge of making it to 140 pounds lost, thus desiring to reach that 150 pounds lost mark by the end of the year. Maybe I can do it.  We’ll see how my focus goes over the next couple of weeks.  I think after months of living a healthy eating life-style that I am capable of surviving parties, gatherings, etc.  I really have not gone off my program.  It’s a bit scary to think what would happen if I did.  I’m sure there’d be a huge gain on the scales, not to mention the belly ache and guilt.  About 65 more pounds to go!!  Heck I’ve already lost twice that much!  Wow! That’s pretty crazy to stop and mentally digest.

My most recent revelation

I have a new goal and maybe someone can help me figure out a game plan, method, or even give me names, etc. to contact.  After calling our insurance company, I found out that nothing is covered – “anything related to obesity is exempt”. Thus meaning, that all these years of having my skin stretched out, which is now, uh, not so pretty and only getting worse, will just be there.  Insurance doesn’t cover anything reconstructive for extreme weight loss.  GRRRRRrrrrr!  Really?! I got off of blood pressure medicine, other meds years ago, and am in darn good health now and improving daily.  CONCLUSION: Insurance companies (at least ours) are in business to keep you sick!  If you are healthy, well, you’re on your own. The nation is in an epidemic of obesity and numerous health related conditions.  There should be some kind of benefit to cover procedures to remove excess skin.  There should be many stipulations and guidelines that must be met/followed to qualify, but every insurance company should pay out for this cause. 

Example guidelines:

1) Must lose “x” % of BMI (not just a tummy tuck for losing 30 pounds) {mine has gone from over 58 to around 37}

2) Be at “x” BMI for a year after goal is met, doesn’t matter what kind of method is used to lose weight whether surgical procedure, health-style change, etc.  {not met goal yet – but will, and this needs to be in order by the time I qualify!}

3) Have been under doctor care for duration of loss {my doctor is ecstatic! Very supportive and proudJ}

4) Been seen by a psychiatrist, been in a support group, followed a program, etc.  {I attend a TOPS chapter weekly and go to MRC twice/week}

5) Retroactive – applies to anyone that has done such up to 5-10(?) years ago as long as previous guidelines were met {want anyone who has accomplished a huge weight loss to be eligible}

Okay, I’m sure there’d be a lot of people on board with this idea but who do we talk to and how do we approach it?  Congressmen? Representatives? President?? You would think that the drug companies would be behind it as well, but not sure about that?  Any ideas and hints would be helpful.  I’m ready to speak and go forward.  I volunteer to be the face of the once obese people!  Don’t know really how that’d work but I’ll put myself out there for the sake of myself and others.  Someone has to be willing to do it.

Back to a personal note, I have realized what I have done to my body and wrote it a letter the other day.  I thought I’d share it with you. 

Dear Body,

I deeply apologize for all the unhealthy, unwise, and downright stupid choices that I made in the past few decades. Please forgive me.  I look forward to building an even healthier relationship with you today, tomorrow and for years/decades, to come.



AKA “The hand that feeds you”

Thank you for encouraging me and hopefully you are encouraged by me as well. Together we can help each other reach our goals.



P.S. Lunch:

5 ounces of baby spinach, 3 ounces of diced celery, ½ large apple diced, with 6 ounces of curried turkey mini-burgers.  YUM!


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  1. dagnykight on December 9, 2011 3:51 pm

    Hi Heather—It’s true that there is no insurance that will cover plastic surgery for sagging skin as it is considered a cosmetic procedure. It can be covered by insurance only if it becomes a legitimate medical problem—developing skin lesions, chronic yeast infections, etc from the folds of hanging skin. Unless that happens, there is no amount of loose skin that won’t be considered cosmetic. Some people are able to get tummy tucks if they develop hernias from significant weight loss. The surgeon will take up the excess skin during the hernia procedure.

    I got a referral from my doctor for a plastic surgeon who offered reasonable rates and various payment options. I got my arms done for $4500. She’ll do a tummy tuck for $9000 when I can afford it!

  2. gum232 on December 15, 2011 4:00 pm

    Dagny, Whew, no way I can afford that! Now if I had all the insurance premiums that I’d paid in over the years – where they won’t cover anything……..

    I’ll see what I can do. Someone has to stand up for reconstructive surgery after considerable weight loss. It’s not right. Heck – they aughta perform the procedure at a burn unit to at least get the use out of the skin! Many people could benefit! I’ve always joked about donating organs, which I will, of course depending on how I meet my demise, but keep me alive long enough to peel my like a banana!! LOL Isn’t that just a lovely mental image?!?

    You’d almost think that some plastic surgeon could even use the lipose to build up someone’s figure in places.

    Oh well, that’s my goal for next year….

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