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Well, I thought I’d try to write as quick as I can. Life has been crazy busy with work and family.  However I have been able to keep focused on my program and my goals.  It’s not easy trying to manage everything but I do, somehow.  After 8 months of planning and preparing meals, I am kind of a pro at it now.  I still take my food no matter where I go, unless I am sure that I can find something within my eating realms on a menu. 

My family has been quite supportive of me.  Our daughters are more conscious and supportive I think than my husband.  He’s loved me in over a hundred pound range.  I am smaller today than he’s ever seen me.  I am having to relearn my own body.  It’s not looking as good in the flesh as it appears to be in clothing.  Since I have had my skin stretched out for 1/4 of a century I don’t expect it to just tighten up on it’s own, nor do I think that any amount of exercise that I do would show much difference.  Sorry, got side-tracked.  Anyways, back to family – the girls are aware of my transformation and are my little cheerleaders.  They tell me that I look good and give constructive criticism about what I wear.  My husband on the other hand, who married me at a size 24, doesn’t make a big deal out of my progress. He has been, unknowingly, one to sabotage success in the past.  Numerous friends and acquaintances go crazy with praises and compliments that I appreciate tremendously.  It’d be nice to hear it from him though.  Oh well.  I do have concern having known, or known of, people that have lost considerable amounts of weight and had relationship problems as a result.  I didn’t get married to get divorced.  It is different for sure and has brought a whole new perspective into the relationship that has never been here before – knowing him nearly 21 years.  Will hope for the best.

I survived Thanksgiving!  How did you do??  It was not too difficult considering that we were at home, with no company.  I ate what I wanted – 6 oz turkey breast, 4 ounces fresh cooked green beans and 4 ounces of fresh pineapple.  I had my fill.  I go to weigh in today so I’ll see how I’ve done.  I’ve maintained control and focus and don’t want to jeopardize my progress for a piece of bread, a bite of this or a bite of that.  I know that I can’t give in to the food and temptation or it could lead to a gain, or worse – a relapse, a weak moment.  I am not strong enough mentally to allow “cheating”.  I will gain that strength later, now it’s practically a phobia! LOL!

I am working towards the 140 pound mark!  I have lost 132 pounds and hope to show a few pounds lost on the scales today.  It seems impossible but I have actually gotten into a couple things size 16!!  I’ve even tried some clothes on that I made in high school – they are now lose!!  I am glad to have found a TOPS chapter that is supportive as well.  There’s a lot of great information that is shared or inspired at each weekly meeting.  I’ve been a TOPS member for 6 years now.  Feel free to check out www.TOPS.org to find a weekly meeting in your area.  It’s the oldest and most inexpensive weight loss support group in the USA, and around the world.  The accountability that I experience on a weekly basis is similar to what I suppose a recovering alcoholic experiences or needs.  I need the weigh-ins at Metabolic Research Center twice a week, nutritionally, etc. but TOPS is that extra support that’s needed emotionally to get me through till the next meeting. 

OH, I did finally reward my body for going under the 250 pound mark that was way overdue.  I had a 45 minute massage!  I am addicted now!  I could do that ever week I think – well, except for the payment part of it!  I DO NOT EVER REWARD WITH FOOD.  The goal is to change the focus away from food, not to reach a goal so you can eat something.  I have never understood that concept. 

If you are interested in MRC, they are having a black Friday special – 1/2 off sign-up fee!  That’s a great savings:).  Please be sure to say my name – Heather Gum from Murfreesboro, TN so I get the referral.  I told my husband when I started that if it were our car we’d fix it without thinking twice – I was “broke” and needed “fixing”.  What a great gift to give yourself!  The gift of health and stability.  Do it for yourself.

I am Doing it for me! 

P.S. Will let you know how I do today. I’ll also try to post more often through the holidays.



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  1. dagnykight on November 25, 2011 1:36 pm

    Wow Heather, another great post! Folks out there, take note once again of a CRITICAL ELEMENT OF SUCCESS that Heather is sharing!!! She does not reward with food!!! Read that paragraph again and carefully think over what she has written. There’s so much “noise” in the media about weight loss but Heather has lasered in on truly critical elements.

  2. gum232 on November 25, 2011 9:27 pm

    Thanks Dagney! It’s truly all about the mind set about losing weight and what your purpose is as to why. Nothing is more important than the main goal being for yourself, not for an occassion, not because you just need to, etc.

    I only lost one pound this week. That’s discouraging in a way but I’ve come too far to turn back now. Gotta stay focused and maybe try to drink more water. Trying to incorporate more exercise too. Time is so hard to find. It’s my goal this week to try to do my best to do something, anything, each day.

    Can I reach 150 pounds lost by the end of the year?? 17 pounds to go……

  3. dagnykight on December 9, 2011 4:01 pm

    Weight loss gets more difficult because your body adapts to the lower calories you’ve been taking in and to the lower weight you are now. Try this, it’s eye-opening…

    To use my stats—When I weighed 340lbs, my daily base metabolism rate was over 2200 calories a day because my body had to work harder to haul around that much weight. Today at half that weight my daily metabolism rate is 1450!!! That’s as many calories as some people eat when they consider themselves on a diet! It gets tougher and all you can do is keep workin’ at it!!!

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