What’s going on????

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So generally I have been “over-weight” my entire life, except when I got ill as a child and they thought I might have had leukemia. That produced my only “normal” size photo shots ever besides from being born.  Here I am after how many years of consiously and unconsciously eating? What all have you tried on the road to being thin? being fit? being anything but morbidly obese?  Now isn’t that just a degrading miserable label that they slap on people that don’t quite fit the height/weight charts?

What’s going on????  Could this be it?  Could I have found what is going to work for me?  Am I spending enough money to get to my goal?  Finally, whatever is supposed to click – has!  I AM DOING IT FOR ME!  Follow my passage through hurdles high and low, through valleys deep and wide, through tears that run slow in agony and pour in rejoicing and through what I expect to be a long trying struggle to reach a healthy Heather.  She’s under here somewhere just hankering to come out and play.  I know I am what I am and I will be what I’ll be but through it all, again I say, I AM DOING IT FOR ME!

On February 14, 2011, after eating a couple Taco Bell 5 layer buritos for a quick lunch I made a life changing decission to improve the health of my body. I paused for a moment and told myself “This is it!” My weight and size is an embarassment.  My family loves me, and I am more than blessed that they do, but I know there has been times that they wish I didn’t look the way I do.  Wow!  Now that’s hard to think about, well I usually don’t cause it wouldn’t do any good now would it?!  Anyways, the question was posed… WHY do I want to lose weight?  I couldn’t help but have tears trickling down my plump rosy cheeks.  Where do I start?  Alphabetically? The reasons are so numerous. It would take a long time to list all the WHYS about weight loss.  Do you have one main reason or many?  There’s thousands of little reasons but one big one – I AM DOING IT FOR ME! What’s going on??  I think I have the faith, interest and belief in myself to succeed now.  To write that down makes me look pretty confident doesn’t it? Well to this point, five weeks in, I can boast.  I deserve it.  I have written every bite that goes into my mouth and weighed all my food to the ounce.  I have lost 32 pounds and 35.5 inches! 

If I can help anyone, say something, relate to you in any way to guide you into having the right attitude to lose any excess poundage that you choose to get rid of in a healthy manner then I feel as though it will be worth documenting my passage. 

Passage?  What is she talking about?  Passage?  Yes, I am referring to this weight loss effort as a passage.  It’s a right of passage that I have challanged myself with in the path to travel through a series of goals to reach the ultimate goal of self perserverence.  I AM DOING IT FOR ME!  Follow my passage:).  Please feel free to write and debate, constuctively and calmly, anything that I say or do that intrigues you to do so.  You are obvioiusly concerned with your physical status on this planet, thus I need your inspiration as well. 

Have a blessed day.  Love yourself.  Oh, and eat an apple a day:)



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  1. Janet on March 22, 2011 12:38 pm

    Hey, it’s great that you have had this moment of realisation. You are absolutely right, you have to do this for yourself!! No one else can motivate you to this point. Keep up this enthusiasm. You can do this!! I had this moment of clarity in January and I am still standing strong. I’ll follow your progress and hold my hand up for a hight five every goal you achive. Keep it up. 😉

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