A Complication…

I got the results of the stress test from the cardiologist yesterday. He said there is something abnormal, and I am scheduled for a cardiac catheterization next week. That means they go into a vein in your leg with a wire and thread the wire all the way up into your heart, and then look for any blockages. He say I may or may not have a blockage, so this test is necessary. If there is a blockage, he said they can usually take care of it right then with a balloon.

He also said NO GYM until I get the results of the test. Which means I’ll be 2 weeks or so behind schedule. I’m afraid I’ll quit losing during this time. I spoke to my trainer and he extended my session credits for another month, so that part is okay. I’m really kind of scared and sad about this new development. Sorry I haven’t been posting every day but I’ve been kind of obsessed with the stress test and this whole keeping on plan thing. I have kept on plan every single day since June 6, though. And I’ll continue to stay on plan through this next hurdle. Hopefully that will be enough to keep me from undoing all of the work I’ve done so far.

I hope the rest of y’all are doing well on this journey!


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