AWOL again – Day 11

I’ve been missing because I’ve been down… the scale kept going up and up (all the way to 311) and I was just discouraged. I didn’t go off plan though, and now I’m down to 307.6, which is two pounds less than my starting weight. My trainer and his boss say not to focus on the scale but its like I can’t keep from weighing myself every morning. Maybe that will change once I start losing consistently.

I think the reason I went up was I was getting too few calories. That’s really a weird thought. You would expect that the less you ate the better, but apparently it doesn’t work that way. I’ve been having trouble eating enough calories every day. I’m not used to eating so many times a day – I used to eat one big meal (dinner) and had random snacks, if anything, through the rest of the day. I’m eating way more food now than I’m used to, and believe it or not I get so full I cannot eat all of the calories I’m supposed to every day. How weird is that? I’ve been hovering between 1300 and 1500 calories a day for the most part, except a couple days when I was under 1000. Those are the days I gained weight.

I guess it will take me a while to get used to this, just like any other change in habit. I quit smoking 5 years ago, and it definitely took a while to get used to that! I have been keeping up my exercise, going to the gym every other day and working with a trainer once a week. I hope to work up to going to the gym 5 or 6 times a week, and to increase the amount of exercise I’m doing. Right now I’m up to two ten minute sessions on the bike, and some weight work in between. Oh and modified squats. Baby steps, right?

I’ll try to update this every day. Its another habit to get used to LOL

I go for my stress test and heart ultrasound tomorrow, wish me luck!

Good luck to all y’all on this journey!


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  1. round on June 17th, 2010

    Hi Gina. You know I’m the queen of starting over – so you have my full support. My advice if you’re going to weigh in daily is to look but really watch the numbers only once a week. That way you don’t get too worked up about the ups and downs on the scale. For no reason at all my weight can easily vary by 2 or 3 pounds (and at time of month that can be 5-6). Personally I have my weigh in officially on Mondays (keeps me on track over the weekend) and if I get on the scale in between I am either encouraged or pushed to do a little more, but I certainly don’t considee it a “gain” unless it’s around on Monday. In the past I’ve kept a spreadsheet where I watched a rolling seven day average for weight – that was even better to see the bigger picture and trends. (these days I really weigh only once or twice a week though)

    Good luck on your journey

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