I’m sad…

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So earlier this week, I decided that I was going to visit my old friend Spin Class. I haven’t been to Spin Class in probably a year. I’ve been thinking about it the past couple of weeks, because I feel it’s time to change up my exercise routine. I’ve actually been a little scared to go, because 1) I’m in a new gym, in a new state, and don’t know anyone (familiarity makes me feel comfortable) and 2) I haven’t been to Spin in forever! Will I feel like I’m going to die when I try it again?

Well, today I finally made the plunge back into Spin. I had a great time in the class…it was challenging but now physically I feel great. So what’s the matter with me?

Well, right before I went to class, I stepped on the scale and got a very UGLY number. 244. OUCH. I don’t think I’ve seen that weight in almost two years.

I’m not going to lie, I’m sitting here very sad. 6 pounds in one month? YIKES. How is that even possible? It is TOM for me so I am HOPING that is what is causing this weight gain.

So I have decided that I really need to focus on getting these last FIFTY plus pounds off.

1- Exercise 1000+ minutes per month (and I’m doing better gymwise, I almost made 1000 last month!)

2 – Eat on plan

3 – Do a 4/3 of “rich” vs “clean” foods. Let me explain this one. I LOVE to cook. I think this is one of the areas I’m struggling with the diet. I haven’t been really measuring out unlimited foods, and sometimes, I cook foods with a lot of “ingredients”. For example, for dinner, I may have homemade chicken marsala, a side of caesar salad, and SBD mashed potatoes. Each one of those has a LOT of ingredients. I think I am going to scale back and try to eat “clean” 3 or 4 days a week. A “clean” meal would be – for example, broiled fish, steamed asparagus, and salad with vinaigrette dressing. Hopefully that makes sense to the two people that read my blog 🙂

4 – No RESTRICTED FOODS in the house. So far on my “restricted list”: Chocolate (I know it’s allowed in small quantities on phase II, but I can’t have them in the house, because if I have a bad day, I’ll binge), Wine, Alcohol, Peanuts (waffling on this one. I love nuts but sometimes they make me “bingey”), Pecans, Flavored Triscuits, Pita Chips.

5 – Try to eat before 9pm. THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE FOR ME. I eat extremely late. I really need to work on this one!

So I’m off to find “dietary inspiration” in some of the reading and weight loss materials I have around the house. I’m trying to do two workouts a day, occasionally, so I’m going to shoot for another workout later today.  I have even toyed with the idea of rejoining weight watchers but I LOATHE counting points.

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  1. incontrol2day Says:

    I hope you feel better. I love to cook too with a lot of ingredients. I find you can make complex dishes without it meaning high-calorie. Best of luck with everything!

    Great job taking the spin class!

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