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Opening Line May 1, 2012

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Well, today is the first day of my new lifestyle. I am not calling it a diet because this is the way that I should have been eating my whole life. I was never really overweight until I had my daughter. I tipped the scales at 280. Losing weight has been hard because I used to have an eating disorder. I’m never really sure what “normal” eating is. So, I’m kind of starting from zero learning how and what to eat.

For my daughter’s birthday next year (she’ll be 5 in October) we’re going to Disney World. I think I’m more excited than she is at this point. I refuse to be overweight for this trip. I want to have the best time possible with my family and I want to be comfortable doing it. I want to be able to put on a bathing suit and play in the water with my daughter without feeling ashamed. I want to be in pictures with her without trying to hide my fat body. I have 18 months to lose 100-120 pounds. I feel like this is a realistic goal and that I’ll be able to reach it. Right now, my weight is at an embarrassing 266….

Today is the start of a new month and my new lifestyle. I have jumped into a challenge in 3FC. I want to go the whole month of May without going off plan. My birthday is June 1st so it would make it an extra special day if I were able to say that I stuck with something and accomplished something.

Today was a good day. I had good meals and I even got in a little exercise. I need to focus on drinking more water, I can tell that I am slightly dehydrated. Also, I need a more definite exercise plan. I think tomorrow I will try getting up early and working out or maybe going on another walk before it gets too hot outside.

If you’re reading this, stay tuned. Big changes are coming and I can’t wait 🙂


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