Today the Journey Begins…

OK, so the work is paying off apparently — scale says I am down 2 lbs.  That’s great if it’s right, lol.  Let’s just hope it’s right.  There may need to be a new scale purchase in the future though, as this one tends to add pounds on the more times you step on it in a row!  I’ve been known to gain 3 lbs in 30 seconds from stepping on, stepping off and then stepping back on again to “just make sure”.  So, might start looking for a new one, idk.  Or maybe I’ll just stop getting off and on again — on once, take the number, leave it be.

Yesterday went easy I think.  Coffee and shake for breakfast, bar and salad for lunch, protein and cooked veggie for dinner, shake for snack.  I think maybe I didn’t get in 4 cups of other veggies (besides salad).  And, I remembered something else:  they say to eat the dark green lettuce for the free lettuce, not the pale lettuce that comes in the big bags!  Oh well, I will use up the 2 bags I have, and then start buying the romaine.  More work for me, but probably worth it in the end.

August 18th, 2013 at 1:28 pm